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Hello, after some trials, the perk / ability "shield ally" doesn't work with projectiles. May be my translation is wrong, but the perk / ability description, in the game, indicates => it's valuable against "xxx and projectiles". It's also indicate inside the official "URTUK" web site : "

Another type of support is 'Shield Ally'. There are some abilities and traits which grant this effect. When shielding triggers, all damage is nullified.Is it a bug or not ?

Hello. After some trials, I suggest to improve the BloodKnight. I think it's a realy a poor guy : bad protection, no nice abilities. The berserker is better and fun for the same job. And the footman share the same "charge" ability and he use an armor... Like it's a "BloodKnight", he could create always bleeding injury and huge bleeding with critical hit, always use a little "leechlife" at any hit and huge a "leechlife" at critical hit, jump like the Warmonk to copy a vampire.

Hello, I'm playing with the last STEAM version of URTUK. I try to save on my personnal save file just after one battle. I click on  the "option" button. The option window opened. But I can't hightlight the button "save" ; "download" or "close the window". The only one button available is "setting". I open the "setting" and I click the button "save & close". The window is close. After that, I try a new time and I can "save" properly on my personnal save file.