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This was simply perfect. It great how smoothly was the educational purpose combined with playability.

This is pure art.

It has been one hell of a ride! I liked the atmosphere and depiction of cold and uniform Soviet paneled apartment building combined with the nightmare of the flesh horror, the whole uncanny labyrinth of flats and corridors, slowly turning into madness, but bringing the clear message.

Great game, I really liked the art style and puzzle mechanics.

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Nice game, I had lot of fun. Actually the idea of need to harmonising the values of industry, society, ecology and science is very profound.

Neat concept, shame it's crashing so much.

This game was a splendid experience!

Great game, I really liked the dreamcatcher mechanics.

Cool game, I really liked dual wielding and "hand stretching" mechanics.

Nice game!

Nice game, although so short.


This has some potential, so I'm looking forward to see future  releases.

I had a really good time playing this game! Sounds were great to build eerie athmosphere. Somehow,the envirment felt familar to me (dim light of streetlights, fallen trees, rusty objects)since I'm from rural region. It was also quite comical to find the bus crashed. Somehow I also managed to get behing fence neat building with carcass and couldn't get out. But overall, it was great experience.

Nice little game, I really liked the idea with poster!

nice game!

Nice game! I would gladly play more games like this.

Nice game, it was fun to play!

Good work, this was really fun to play, I can't wait for more!