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I gotta say the locomotion implementation makes this a winner. The sphere\pointing system is a creative concept which I had not seen before. Scale and positional tracking are used amazingly in this experience.

Great Lighting and character models\animations! hilarious text to speech! This was enjoyable and felt the suspense for sure when the zombies first came out of the hall ways (again great lighting here)

The interface was a little buggy but I think it was due to IR interference from my rig and the way I was positioned. (I started to close to the pos tracking camera and couldn't place the wooden planks on the first round)

Overall great work!

Hey there ! I was very impressed with the 'feel' of this experience.

I really did feel I was part of a tron-like future where you compete against robots. The presentation of the opponent is genius, as well as the gesture-based menu. This reminded me of how crappy my jam entry is :( lol but hey its a learning experience.

With regards to the game play, the music really does add quite an energy to the match & it felt good to hit the balls back at him (sometimes I close my fists and punched forward).

I hope you guys keep adding to this and maybe make the gameplay a bit more varied or add a few more rules to it. I would love to be able to throw balls back at him and maybe 'fake' him out to make him miss