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Thank you, that was so the goal. To make a space that made people feel safe and cozy, and feel like they could build for themselves one day.

The perfect comment.

As soon as you bring a car into the mix, everyone wants to talk about how it handles.

Thanks for playing!

I wished I could just hold an arrow key, but it did make me feel like a struggling little dot, trying to outrun a monster. Victory screen was my favorite part.

Nice concept, and good controls. Felt like I could get better at it if I kept trying.

Love the box size changes on each iteration. This is like a perfectly scoped project for a three hour jam.

But I swear I hit the guy!

Love the transition-to-and-from-evil particles! And nice splash

I love that you made this in React! Web for the win!

Thanks so muchfor the detailed feedback! The not-running-out-of-time-at-dawn is a bug that cropped up right before the time limit on the jam, and ghosts floating out of their graves to dance around also got cut for the time limit.

Adding a more complex mechanic to awaken them I hadn't thought of, and I like it.

Thanks again for playing!

Love being able to leap off the corpses of my previous failures! Really, it's a great, simple mechanic. I did get trapped by my own hat, though.

This is the most brilliant concept I have seen in my life. And three tries in i got a consensual hug!

Is this going to be the mega TriJam?  Here are my three-related suggestions:

- Three's a crowd

- Triple threat

- Triangulate

-"Tri" something new


Love the art! I felt morally ambivalent about frying about equal parts angelic and demonic souls, but I guess a coin toss is just my style.

Awesome! I figured out how to kind of group the zombies on one side of a building. Strategy kept me alive for 23 pizzas!

Just discovered that [Stack Exchange]( picked up a knitting theme for their end-of-year badge, with a little interactive pixel art on knit stitches widget. 

Great minds, I guess!

Love how you got the "Tri" of tri-jam in there too! And the way it auto resets with no fuss.

Loved this! I played without sound the first time and it was still super spooky. Subtle and well done.

I like that I'm taking a leap of faith, and hoping a platform appears

I developed it using Chrome, so that is curious! But every where I turn there's another little fire. Thanks for sticking with it  to try it out!

I went well over time. This was probably like 10 hours in the making!

Super cool! My instinct was to try shield the earth at first, but I guess it's every satellite for themselves!

Thanks for checking it out! Yes, there is now, but that's because I went ahead and finished it. 

And cheers to getting it within the time, next time!

My first three hour jam! I thought I had pared things down to absolute minimum, and still finished about half what I planned.