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Really fun game and happy to see the Dev keep going with this series. If they keep listening to the feedback from players it will just keep leveling up. Ran into the aiming bug at the end but still was a good tale to go through. Creepy ass ewoks lol

Yea i tried E, mouse buttons and anything I could think off. I can never get the first arm to attach but did get the speed run option to work after some messing with the settings

Reading the story was longer than the game. All jokes aside though the premise was cool but the only scare was the MRI. The TV didnt show anything nor did I see anything else. Got to the anomaly and then was just showed the rings and the game ended. Not sure if that was intentional or not. Visuals were good and after that first scare I was really excited to see more but it took me less than 2 mins from spawn to get the Thank you screen, so think something bugged that I was supposed to see. 

Didnt have any sound, and the setting were blank? Didnt try to go further but hope its just a me thing

Really fun game with an ending I didnt see coming for once. Audio and graphic design was well done. As well as the puzzles and jump scares felt right in place and not awkward at all, just what I would expect for the setting. Only quip I have is that if you die during the chase it would be better not to have to start all the way over, that was a bit of a bummer.

Something in the download pops up as a virus

Never let your guard down with an SCP subject

Was a fun game, honestly think you could have added more jump scares since with the level design there were a lot of way you could have scared us. Will remember the eyes of this mine for a long time to come. Cinematic style gameplay for those that are interested. 

there is no virus, thats why people are playing it. As for the PC from 2003 that depends on your windows version but I would say most likely no that may not be able to run this game for the ideal play experience

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I like the concept of the stories being based on real testimony. Makes the tension even better. If the Dev sees this, what are you thoughts on this series in terms of continuing it and timeframes? I ask cause I think it would be great to cover this as a series to feature on my channel, not many horror games are based in plausible truth. 

Thought my soul was going to be stolen when I went to the phone 

Thank you I will def check this out

A fun little horror, really hoping forward to the full game 

Feel bad for Santa, never had a chance lol. Was one of the more interesting Christmas horrors I have played for sure 

A really cool concept especially since I havent seen anything like this before.

controls didnt work as shown. they just shot the gun.

Was a fun game just a really sad ending 

This was a fun game, didnt know what it meant when that face kept popping up but still didnt realize how scary the enderman could be till now! 

Really fun little game. Would be a cool universe to play more of if you ever do more with it. Puzzles were just right in terms of difficultly and the visuals were nice. If your still not sure as to whether to give it a shot or not here is a sweet little short to convince you 

Really enjoyed the game. If the devs read this just a thought if your not already doing this for the full game. Since there is a lot of walking around between the scares the tension I felt eventually went away. I think this is wasted potential as there is a lot you may be able to add such as sounds of whispers or visuals such something climbing the ceiling at the end of a hallway. Just to make it feel not so empty and alone in a not scary way. 

Fun short horror, didnt know what to expect but I know I need to sleep every day or else 

of course! No rush or anything of course but do you have a rough ETA for the finished game?

Fun game, very much looking forward to the full story behind that statue. 

That would be dope if you finish. Do feel free to reach out, I will make sure to include it in my list if you want

Was a fun short game. Know it was done with limited time but would be cool to see it finished and polished if the dev gets time. Quick short of the spooks within 

Was a fun game, the scares were mostly not predictable and felt well placed. 

plate puzzle? That didnt connect for me either tbh

Made for a fun short story. The flashlight brightness did make it hard to read the notes but overall direction was pretty natural. Linking the short story if your interested

Demo was fun and there is a lot of potential here. The jumpscares were not expected for the most part and didnt feel weirdly placed at all despite that. Audio and decor were well done for the background of the story. 

the dev made almost the entire game free. I think the demo being what it is, is more than fair. Also kinda shady how you stomp about wanted the game for free then ask people to sub to you. Seems like you just want everything your way

Fun demo even with me getting lost a few times in terms of where I need to go or do exactly. Fun short to get people interested in the full game. I am looking forward to the story being revealed  

cool concept but nothing triggered for me and all I was able to locate were 2 papers with lore. no keys, spooks or anything else was interactable despite half an hour of clicking everything from forks to the random lockers that are around. 

Interesting concept where I am looking forward to seeing how the story grows if it becomes a full game. The map and layout were both visually appealing as well as easy to navigate. Quick short for those that are wanting to see the overall game within 40 secs

Was a fun demo and has a lot of potential with the full release if it keeps improving. Do wish it had more scares as it def has the cast for some creepy fun. Quick video but really shows the best moments from the demo 

Wont run for me. Has anyone had this issue? Even run as admin nothing

Creepy short horror that did mannequins so right its wrongs. Had great scares that were unexpected, short little taste for you here 

I am looking for it. I will be sending some more folks the way with a video and some of my other content creator friends. Was fun and a lot of potential here from just this small alpha. 

One hell of a creepy game, loved all the little parts that went into making this a bomb horror. Felt more like a movie than a game and you could tell the devs put a lot of heart into it. Will be looking forward more to what this dev brings. 

Still a new game so understanding that its a bit buggy but I love the concept. The zombies are really quick which is plus or minus depending on the player. I think they may need to be a little slower as playing Solo was challenging with their speed and damage but still had some fun playing it and looking forward to it being smoothed out.