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Thanks for the review David! :D

Yeah, I'll be releasing a new episode each month until its finished!

Hey! Both of these issues were being caused by the same bug. Both are fixed in the latest version (1.0.2). Thanks for the help reporting them!

Really enjoyed watching you play it! The text skipping bug was fixed in the latest version (1.0.2)

This should be fixed in the new version I just released. Can you check?

Sorry about that, sounds like weird bug with the colliders (altor being blocked from moving because of the bonfire collider). I'll look into it and try to release a fix as soon as I can. Thanks for reporting it!

Thank you! Added the hololive tag to the game.

The charting was done by hand. I first map it with the spawning of the attacks on rhythm, and then move the entire chart forward, so that it's the player dodging and not the attacks appearing that are in sync.

After selecting a song, you can click the arrow down and select the difficulty. The "normal" difficulty is the same map that was in the previous version.

The San. stat determines that character's defense against other Sanity attacks and how hard that character's San moves hit.

Thanks! Super fun to see you guys play it ! !

For menu controls, you can see them at the footer of the game, but basically they are arrow keys to move and Z to select.

For in-game controls, please play the first map of the list, the Tutorial. It explains the mechanics and the controls.

A 32bit version is now available to download!

Thanks ! If you're struggling, you can use the "apprentice" modifier to learn the maps without having to manage your health.

That's payback for that Red Heart level. I'm now the one laughing ! !

At the moment not really.  Maybe I can make it a setting you can toggle after the player gets it.

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Does the key "Z" work for selecting the options?

A follow-up on this. There was a bug that made it so when you return to the title screen from a loaded game, the flags from that ongoing game would persist into a new playthrough. 

That's why the roadblocks from the intersection wouldn't spawn.

Version 1.3.1 addresses that and a Kiara bug at the start of the game.

Oh, that's really strange, sorry about that. You can delete the save file by deleting the folder "C:\Users\(your pc user)\AppData\LocalLow\fie\Holo Dungeon".

I'll look into that cross-version bug, because it really shouldn't be affecting a new game.

That's actually really helpful, thank you so much! I'll look into it!

The encounter rate I really need to fix, yeah.

The quickload thing wasn't really suppose to  be a thing, I don't see a use case for normal players, but I use it a lot while debugging, so I left it in. In hindsight tab is a bad key for that, because it's a normally used key, and while testing it out the player could lose some progress.

Yo thank you so much! Had fun watching your playthrough!

Hm, after you click "play" and is doing that transition, do you click any other button?

That's really weird, it should take a second or less before it starts fading into a cutscene. 

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Play as Hololive's ace detective Amelia WATson as she investigates the kingdom of Chicago in search of mythical creatures!

This fangame is a short turn-based RPG based on  Ame's first AI Dungeon stream, and all the shenanigans that happen in it.

"You are Detective Watson, a detective living in Chicago. You have a pistol and a police badge. You enter the forest where you believe the criminal you're searching for fled to."

Download and play the game here:

Thanks, I'm glad to hear it!