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Lovely work, been buying all the packs. The support from the author has been incredible. I strongly recommend all of these packs! 

Does this include walking and jumping animation?


Do you free lance? Would love to hire you for a couple of things!

Lovely packs, planning on adding Jump animations to the creatures? 

Please continue with the packs!

Does this work for 2D Sidescroll Sandbox?

Have you contated yet? 

Thank you.

Hello, i bought this asset yesterday and took a look at it. Due to all sprites being glued together, i have no use of this. 

All in all this is an amazing asset for the price, but i dont have any use of it. For anyone that want to use the characters and not only the clothes, i recommend buying this pack.

I would like to have a refund, many thanks.

Awesome! If i buy it and not happy with it, is a refund possible?

Could the clothing of the character be used as armor? 

I already have a main character and would like to use every piece of clothing as armor & wings etc. Would that work or is the sprites "glued" together?

Love the character. Are you able to design for my upcoming game? If so, please leave your email so we can email you.

Does this work for 2D Sandbox Sidescroll? (Platformer game) not RPG.