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Just to mention, the music and only the item appearance and the death animation SFX, has my design, the rest are not my Sounds.

request sent! 

Hello there, I'm Zismo, music maker. Just doing music for fun, i would love to make some music and sound design, that blends each other. I can make any rythm/style/genre you need, but my speciality its Electronic music.

YES!!! are you in discord?

Thank you Iapspider45, glad you enjoy the music!! :D

Hello, im a sound designer and composer, I want to help as much as I can!!! If you need an audio-man I'm here for you

Hello, I'm a sound design and producer that want to be in a team.

Zeta, i can't find you, can you send me a message? zismomusik#1319


Kylogias yes, i want to join!! heres my discord: zismomusik#1319 just hit me up!

Hola, soy Carlos, también conocido como Zismo.
Últimamente estoy haciendo diseño de sonido por diversión, pero he decidido adentrarme en el mundo del game audio. Y mejor si empiezo en algún equipo de desarrolladores de habla hispana. 
Quisiera ofrecerme como voluntario a crear un tema original para el juego que quieras realizar, dandole el ambiente que decidamos mas acorde para tu juego.

Acá dejo algunos links a mi ultima producción: http://zismo.bandcamp.com
Y mis viejos temas en https://soundcloud.com/kraftloss
Tengo muchísimas mas producciones pero no subidas, pero me siento capaz de adaptarme a cualquier estilo que me puedan pedir.

Desde ya gracias y espero ser util

Hello I'm Carlos, aka Zismo. I'm a huge fan of metroidvania games, and a pasionate of music. I make music since 10 years, and started to make sound design and foley sounds since 2 years. As I said I'm a huge fan of this kind of games, played a lot of them and I'm a meticulous listener of all game audio (ambient, music and foley sounds)... so if you can give me a chance, please hit me up, i give you my discord id: zismomusik#1319

- Music made as Zismo
-Music made as Kraftloss

I can make original sounds and music according to your demand, and if you give me an idea of the type of ambient you want to give to your game.

If you need a music or sound design guy... im in... im new on discord, so idk how to send you a message... but here you get mine if you are interested: zismomusik#1319

Hello, I want to join a team... im a electronic music producer, and also im into the foley sounds, and sound design world. So if you need someone that can make this stuff please let me know!

Bandcamp (Just one Album, with space kinda tematic), now im working on new stuff, but i can make 8 bit and 16 bit stuff too... So if you think that I can help you, that would be great, let me know.

Hello, if you need something with music or sound design im here for you! I can make whathever style you want. Also im a begginer foley artist, so if you need that kind of stuff... Please let me know.

hello Im a “home-producer” i can helo you if you want... what kind of music do you want? 

if you want i cant help with sound design or music... im a producer, and now im working on sound design and stuff... and im trying to connect with someone, so i can start in this wonderful world of game Audio!