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Aw thanks!!

Still unavailable :)

Hi! I'm so sorry for my late response. The reason for the delay because we got some issues with the computer I am currently working with.

But be rest assured we are not dropping this project. Thanks!

Thank you so much for downloading and actually finishing the game! And I'm happy you enjoyed it. Medyo flattered din ako na napaka-comment ka sa page haha! And a bit of spoiler, yes, may sequel sya! But really busy these days, can't find the time pero will do my best to finish it sana this year kasi last year ko pa plan i-revise ang AWWB ༼☯﹏☯༽

Anyway, if I have time, or if distributed na ung games mo sa page mo, hopefully malaro ko rin in my free time. Di rin ako masyadong naglalaro ng games na walang romance pero I support Filipino-made games a lot so I might even plug it!

Very much appreciated!! 
Take care (ᗒᗨᗕ)

Sorry for my late advert.

No the game is not yet released. Sorry about thatttt

You can also try ReWound since it's also written in Filipino.
I think I'm more of a Otome Game Otaku rather than animu O v O



Thanks for your comment. I'm doing my best to finish this despite my busy schedule. I'll try my best to release it by early next year hopefully :)

I really loved the first installment of this game (Story of Eroolia)! I am buying this in steam, hopefully I can play it during my day off! ^^

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much and I'll do my best ^^

Hello Anna, 

I apologize for my late response!

As for the translation, I'll let you know, once I've fixed this game since you see, I'm adding a new feature in this game so I'm postponing some of the releases. I hope you'll be patient with me because I've been busy with my real work!
Really sorry about this! But for updates, you may follow me here!

Thank you for your understanding and take care!!

That is the reason why I was kinda unsatisfied with the first one x'D
But I'll do my best thank you!

Hi Tofu! Thank you for your comment!
The English version is still on progress, as I have a lot of pending projects!

And yes, all of my games are voiced in Filipino O v O)/ Look forward to that!
It might take a little longer since I'm quite busy with my work in real life ;w;

Again, thank you so much and take care!

Thank you very much!

I'll be releasing the English Version along with the remake so stay tuned!


You're welcome!

You're welcome. Good luck to your projects :)

I'm bookmarking this since prolly gonna purchase later! :D

Thank you!

Drop mo email mo, I might need it in sometime hehe :'D

Thanks for the offer!

It's fairly easy hehe May tutorial akong ginawa here:

Looking forward sa future games mo! Good luck :')

Ung link na naka-attach sa file ng walkthrough is ung credits lang ng mga resources na ginamit ko sa game. Hehe

Hello, Julie!

Required makuha ung bad end sa game na ito kahit tama ung piliin mo na choices. Just go back to your previous choices and pick the best option. Pag nakuha mo na once ung isang bad ending, dapat pwede ka nang umusad sa story after.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for playing!

Hello, Anna!
There is! I'll upload the mac version as soon as possible :')

Aw hello! I haven't downed the English version for this one temporarily because I am fixing it. And I'm sorry ReWound 101's translation is taking longer than expected.

Aw nice! Thank you so much for checking it out :')

Hello! I'm still encoding the English Version! I will be releasing it by next month. I'm sorry for the wait! I'm adding new scenarios for the game!

Thanks for liking the mv hehe

No I don't have any problems with it hehe
But I do hope if you make one, you link it to me so I can watch it!

Hello! I uploaded the walkthrough if di na talaga kaya :'D

Thank you! I'll do my best sa next games ko.

Also, thank you for the offer, I'll be sure to keep that in mind! :'>

I am trying to write a more serious storyline for my next game. Medyo nakakapanibago since medyo ang writing slant ko is somewhat light-hearted kasi ayoko ma-stress. Ayoko din ma-stress ung naglalaro haha! Usually na-stress din ako sa ibang nilalaro ko. Otome Games should be fluffy since it's for Otomes :'>

Hahaha! May tinatapos din akong mga otome game pero di ko matapos kasi may in-encode din ako at the same time x'D
Medyo lutang na ako haha!

Aww thanks! Na-touch mi!
I was thinking din kasi papano ko mae-encourage ang mga players to play every ending for maximum experience sa game. Usually kasi pag mga bad ending, ini-skip lalo na if available ang walkthrough. Gawain ko din yun tbh sa mga nilalaro mi x'D

Medyo nalilito na din ako sa storyline kasi masyadong read-y siya and may pumapasok ng characters out of nowhere. Medyo di ko na naseseryoso basahin OvO); Though medyo mainstream siya so probably wait ka pa ng 2-4 years bago matapos kasi once a month lang update haha!

And sure! Take Care :'D

Hello! Thank you for liking the game! And yes, all of my games are set in the Philippines since I'm also a Filipino Indie Game Developer hehe.

More power to us~! :'D

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Yey. Thank you! I think lahat ng story ko medyo cliche. Tho I already mentioned abt it sa taas x'D
But I'm happy that the cliche still works. Ket feeling ko medyo pakorni na ako ng pakorni.
If you have time try mo ReWound 101 //self advertisement. Medyo mas mahaba siya compare dito haha!
'Di na ako nagti-TV din, work kasi eh x'D

It was intentional though but of course, I reconsider na baka may madismaya kasi (SPOILER) by default need mo makuha ung BE's. But still pinush ko OvO); And sorry if nalungkot ka abt it ;w;)/ 'Di kasi ako mahilig sa bad ending, yung previous players ng game ko told me to write bad endings so this happened. I tried.

May manners naman si Adriel... minsan haha!
Aw. May season 2, na nood na x'D Tho di ko din pinanood anime, nagbasa lang ako haha

Thank you for finishing the game! I appreciate it a lot! Hehe

Ay nung nilaro namin mga around 1 hour lang haha siguro di ko napansin kasi ako ung gumawa x'D

Di ko napansin ung similarity ni Adriel kay 7 haha, I was thinking na since creature of science sya may pagka-Hanji Zoe sya hihi

Sure thank you!! :'D

Oh really?! Thank you!
I started the translating the game now. It's a fairly short game, anyway.
I just need help in some few parts. Where can I message you?

Thanks! They are voiced by my friends hehe

And thank you! I hope I can translate this one soon ^O^

Huhu Thank you!!! I'll message you once the game is translated! :'D