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Looks great, satisfying when you hit an enemy. Sad there is no sounds and sadly the collisions are a bit wonky. Otherwise great fun and a good start! (Sorry about the laggy gif :P)

There's a gif on the issue. I played on windows 10 64-bit Home Edition if it helps you to know.

Happy I could help :)

I played your game and had some thoughts of improvement! Hope it helps!

  • White border around text for better visibility.
  • Pause function.
  • No movement animation when moving with controller.
  • No way to enter/exit caves with controller.
  • You should be able to see the eyes of the character when moving downwards.
  • I think I walked out of the map, a black border came and then it started blinking. It was after the third or fourth checkpoint thingy. I walked straight upwards for a while.

Anyway, this was my thoughts during the time I played. It's looking really good! :) You got inspiration from Journey didn't you? Good job!


Just a word would be nice, everyone can interpret it in anyway they want basically. That for me gets the ball moving in my head atleast.

Hello! My name is Oskar. I'm currently going to game programming school and is in my second year. I'm from Sweden and have only participated in a local gamejam once. I'm basically always working on some sideprojects/prototypes and I'm really looking forward to this gamejam! :D

I was wondering if there will be any theme or something of the like?

Good luck to everyone!