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The skeleton units are a nice touch!  I'm not sure if you're looking for feedback, but I have a suggestion for a new unit type that might help achieve a better balance across the various unit types -- 

Hot air balloons!  Basically the Militant Vegans (4 HP, 3 Move, relatively low power), but they can move across any terrain type at a cost of 1 point per tile, like an airplane.

I find that I rarely build the tank factory and instead just save up to build the hanger.  The unrestricted movement of the fighter jet and bomber is a bit overpowered. 

One reason for this is that the player's city is often sandwiched between mountains and shoreline, with only a single narrow path in/out.  As a result, all units with 3 or fewer movement (infantry, skeleton, both tanks, militant vegans, snowman) end up following the same path and not encountering any new special units to recruit along the way, which is key to victory.

I'm not sure if you would want to make it a special unit or something you can unlock through the city, but I think a hot air balloon or similar unit could help correct for the power imbalance between units.

I feel like people are really sleeping on this game!  It's by far my most played title on the playdate.  

I'm really impressed with how you continue to push the game forward!

The demo looks great and is super fun! I really struggled the first 2 times I tried racing, because the control scheme is so original and unlike any racing game I've played previously. By the third attempt, I got the hang of it/stopped ramming the wall repeatedly, and RowBot Rally quickly became the playdate release I'm looking forward to the most!

I'm enjoying the outdoor areas in version 1_6.  They definitely add some variety!  I'm excited to check out the strafing controls.

This looks awesome! Are you planning to submit it for Catalog?

I had so much fun playing this "intentionally bad" game! I only wish there was more to do after my horse had had enough. I would happily pay money for an updated version that fills out a few more of those inventory slots -- maybe some kind of janky mechanic to brush your horse or something?

Thanks for making/sharing this!