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This is gonna be great! I have a few ideas to help your bears be self sustaining and let them thrive. Like a new building called the blacksmith hut,  it takes double the materials of a house but produces a random tool every now and then. A nursery building that's like the blacksmith hut except it produces bears, and occasionally a dino.   Trees should drop 1-2 nuts when destroyed. Bows for ranged bear attacks would be neat, Spider monsters that are like zombies except they don't infect. Anyways, 10/10 would kill the entire bear population with zombies again. Edit: If zombies are far away bears should ignore them and go about their  day, also, all of these are just ideas, I don't expect them, i just think they'd be really neat.

yeah man its fine games i try to make always have one little thing broken or missing.  

its fun but i cant make a pet even though i have 10 meat

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I got the key, I tried every door in the GD game. WHERE DO YOU GO FLATTENED SHAPED METAL?