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Halo bro, gue abis mainin game ini. Gue suka karna beda dari simulator bikinan indo yang lain dan juga gue suka karna bisa chaos banget di game ini hahaha gue tau masih alpha test jadi udah pasti ini masih ada yang kurang, tapi jujur gue suka sama gameplaynya. gue bikin video di youtube kalo lo mau liat ya. semoga ini game bisa gue mainin sampe full gamenya keluar. semangat terus bro, ini bisa jadi game yang seru banget dan ga ngebosenin

I'll follow your twitter so I can see the update for your game! Thank you dev!

First of all, thank you so much for ask me to play your game. Tbh, I never thought that I'll be having so much fun playing this game! I hope I'm not looked annoying to you in my video. But, that's me when I'm having fun. I never judge the game by the graphic, as long it has great gameplay, I'm sold!

Hey there, I made a video on my Youtube channel for this game. tbh, I like it and I hope for the second episode there'll be more scary and vicious mutants! it's kinda lagging on my computer tho. but, I think it's not because of the game. your game start at 4:25

It's very a fun game! I played it until I defeated 2nd boss. but, I got motion sickness while played it (or should I say "Sea Sick" huehuehue). The 2nd boss really hard for me, because I'm taking so long time to realize what am I suppose to do. It's a great game nonetheless. I hope you enjoy my playthrough!

great game! and to be honest i don't really get the story of the game. cause i don't have a really good imagination. but i tried. and i don't get the part on your 3rd and 4th thumbnail. but i make a video of your game. i'm using my native language so i hope it's okay. i can't wait for the full game!

iya yang di maksud itu wkwkwk. Sukses terus buat gamenya! gue pasti mainin full playthrough game ini

Hey i just found your game 2 days ago and make a video! i hope you enjoy and i can't wait to play the full game! 

hey, i know i'm late to the party. but. it's better late than never. i made a gameplay video for your game. i hope you liked it. and sorry i commenting your game with my native language

really funny game! i love it. i know i'm late to the party, but it's better late than never, right? here's the gameplay. i'm commenting with my native language btw. your game start at 9:58

it's really a great game, i love it even though i raged quit. here's the gameplay, i'm from Indonesia btw so i'm commenting with my native language

it's a very  short game, but i liked it nonetheless. but, i kinda hate it when i got jumpscared and i need to input a sound so i won't looks like got jumpscared for nothing, sorry

i made a gameplay for your game, it's really makes me uneasy when i played it. The atmosphere and the feeling of unknownness why it's happening to the character really gets me

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hey, i know i'm late to the party, but i made a gameplay for your game. But, i'm from Indonesia so i'm commenting your game with my native language. hope you'll enjoy my gameplay

edit: you're game start at 7:35

Really like the game, i make a gameplay for this game. but i'm from indonesia so i'm not commenting your game with english. your game start at 2:27


Great game, but i noticed one of the rabbit said "sopan dikit dong", is it just me or are you guys from asean?