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Waiting for the Android port😌

did you forget about the game or something 

What was the point of the text again😄

The linux version is not letting me download it on the app what do i do

That was a good start it for a demo I'm hyped

where i am in the game is september 23rd 2006 

and from the start its like woah really cool the more you play the longer it gets im at the stage right now where i really wanna kiss adam its taking forever forever and its taking so long to get to te good parts but this is a great game

Super Odyssey 2D community · Created a new topic Updates
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i think you should make it where i can dive without jumping 

when i dive on my cap i should not be in the diving motion cause i cant throw my cap

WASD controlls im not used to arrow keys and the jump button space

edit: i think you should be able to throw your cap and collect the moon star thingy and coins

This game needs to be on mobile