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This game has fried mushrooms in it. 6 stars out of 5,  would mush again.

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was having fun with Gooboo before the 1.4.0 update - the pacing let me feel like I was making progress with each prestige, albeit gradually and slowly, but it was improving and speeding up little by little each time.

Unfortunately, the massive brakes put on progress in every main mechanic by update 1.4.0 have made the time gating so heavy and oppressive as to make the game feel - I'm not going to mince words here - boring, and unsatisfying.

Thanks for the time you've put into this, but I think I'm going to move on at this point.

Hey,  the website for Linksmith Games seems to have expired. Hope you're doing okay!

Unfortunately, it looks like my save data is gone. Which sucks, because I was pretty far in...

Itch's old CDN is shutting down soon and in-browser saves are going to be lost in the migration. Do you have the time and wherewithal to add a save export and import function to mitigate that?

Comment from a Discord friend:

Earmuffs Yesterday at 7:38 PM
Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we're counting down our list for the top 1 most hateable characters in video games
Number one: Spanky

Seriously, 12 games. That's really freaking cool. Everyone who participated in this should be proud of themselves. A little ashamed for being so trolly, but mostly proud.

Big shout outs to WiL and kkairos for organizing the jam, as well.

The discord link has expired.

It takes like 20 seconds each time I go to the world list for it to load... Is there any way to speed this process up?