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This tickles my fancy. The intro alone vividly invokes Cohen Brothers flavored wacky schadenfreude when playing all the worst people court.

Might pitch this to my group as “the opposite of Robin Hood”.

Will try not to refer to this as “false teeth”, but won’t make any promises.

Usually not my neck of the woods, but this is lovely stuff! Is the header image on connected to Yaloon? Did you post the image in full somewhere?

A very intriguing game. The card prompts variety is a great way to guide the outcome in such a GM-less game. Setting and tone are conveyed clearly in what little page real estate there is. And the adventure suggestions help me a lot to visualize a possible play experience. Jumps straight to the top of my must-try list for shorter play.

That will be very useful. Thank you!

Hi Yochai! That like points to the printing instructions linked right above these comments (for me). In it the last line mentions a “GM sheet cheat sheet”. I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere.

This looks very good. OSW Print Instructions.pdf refers to a cheat sheet.Where can I find that?

Thanks for the early feedback on this. Looking forward to see where aria stomps to next.

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This is really nice. I expected Blades in the Dark to be more influenced by Dishonored than it turned out to be. But this feels very fitting. Well done!