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Devs can i post this to my youtube account?

I would love to post this in my youtube channel :)

thanks for the permission :)

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I would love to play and post all the devs games here if possible... :)

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very cute and very nice i would say, i would like to say thank you for the effort of the devs and you to guys

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Hi devs! i posted the DEMO on my utube channel please do check it out...


Love the game keep it up!

Looking forward for the full game soon :)

Devs today i'll be posting the last part of the game hehe very nice game

Livis i already posted the part 1 of the game please visit my channel zilverph gaming

hehe watch it out, then subscribe my channel and do tell others about it

Dev can i post this game on my utube channel?

i have posted the game on my channel, zilverph gaming please do check it out :)

Dev i'll be posting the this evening please check it out, philippine time

Devs, please encourage others to watch my gameplay :)

ok :) Reb, i'm a bit busy editing the video but stay tuned for the gameplay i make for the game... i'll be posting maybe this week 

Can i post my gameplay for this game? :) on my utube channel?

thanks for the feedback Dev. please visit my channel ZilverPH Gaming :).. nice first game

Can i have your permission to post it to my Utube channel?

Hi Dev! can i have your permission to allow me to post it on my utube channel ZilverPH Gaming?