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Merci à vous :)

Vivement la suite !

My bad, I thought it was the dev replying.

Modules are a very specific format that potentially this tool could benefit of allowing an export to.

Excellente initiative. Serait-il possible d'avoir une version PDF du guide ? GoogleDrive ne permet aucun export actuellement.

I checked but any format to a MOD is usualy not working well, the best way is to get it from the tool right away.

By any mean, your tool is great already but I could see it getting even more traction on especially with tools like gb-studio which uses mod file.

I see only this.

Other participants managed to provide files to your Jam.

Maybe the host can't? I do not know how works, just a guess there.


If only we could export to some other format than wav that would be great.

For instance to a MOD file, would that be possible?

Very nice!

There are some issue to leave ladders and the save spot strangely doesn't serve as respawn when you die (and with the floaty manaibility I died a lot).

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Whoa! Everything is great in this game.

It starts with impressive graphics and then a very good gameplay.

Just missing the project file as requested by the jam rules.

Isn't teh Jam asking that the game and its source can be downloaded?

I like the idea, reminds me (to some extent) of game like Crazy castle or Elevator action.

Good use of GB-Studio. Though I was stuck after delivering Santa, the cat stayed in the way and I could not got to Santa's house but overall that a brilliant template for an interesting game.


Only issue is the collision detection of the hits.


Only issue is the collision detection of the hits.

Have you heard of the Analogue Pocket?

It just arrived on, I suppose it would be possible to get on too.

I hope it will.

Okay je vais lire tout ça avec interêt alors :)

Impressionnant en quelques mois !

Dommage de ne pas avoir amélioré la maniabilité en proposant un jeu à la manette (visible dans le Kanban Trello), bien qu'avec le moteur Löve d'autres peuvent se charger de ce point.

Existe-t-il une page traçant l'historique du developpement pas à pas ? Ce remake serait un exemple parfait pour apprendre à coder sous Löve et ainsi donner l'envie à d'autre de créer d'autres remakes.

Well, I won't use Steam just due to DRM. I can't support something using DRM.

Do you know if somone tried your game via Wine?

Please, tell me it will eventually come to Linux.

This games looks genuinely fantastic!

Whoa! It works great on my Archlinux machine.
I hope you'll keep it DRM-free on

Okay, I'll wait for the official announcement. Thanks!

Do you plan only a Steam key?

Great news about a native port \o/

That would be great indeed. Has anyone tested it with Wine in the meantime?