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I encountered a bug in the web version in Linux Firefox. I haven't tried the downloadables to see if it's in those as well.

When you type a command e.g. "Get wood" with the capital G (as in the available commands list) it will accept the command input, but it won't actually execute the command.

Oop, thanks for the heads up! That should be fixed now.

Thanks for playing! I just double-checked and 106 is solvable without requiring any guesses. There are a couple of tricky spots around midway through the puzzle, but once you get past those it's not too bad.

In my post about updates I go into some detail about the current state of the game's code and how that can restrict future content updates. All of that is still true, however there are some forms of additional content which may or may not stretch things further, it's just hard to say.

I don't want to get anybody's hopes up, but I also don't want to rule out future content updates altogether. I'm really glad everyone is enjoying the game so much and I've seen some folks get very excited about some ideas, so I want to give everyone a space to throw those ideas out for consideration.

I won't confirm or deny any ideas explicitly, and I won't be providing any sort of timeline either. I'm sure you've all thought up dozens of completely worthy ideas for inclusion, and I also happen to have a mile-long wishlist of my own, but it all just comes down to viability, my ability, and my time.

Thank you Beatrice!

Great game! I've been enjoying it for a few weeks now and I'm appreciating all the QOL and balance updates.

I've noticed that the energy voids will sometimes appear mostly off the edge of the screen, making them difficult to see and click. I believe that sometimes they may also appear entirely off-screen or possibly behind the UI buttons for shield boosts/volleys/etc, as there have been some very long periods where I can't seem to find any at all.

I've seen this as well. The order only seems to change after I've upgraded the modules, with the most recently updated module moving to the end of the list.