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No worries!  I was happy to do it!  I will re-download to see the end!

Loved its direction but I couldn't recover from a crash, as you'll see in the video.

I liked how it took a direction I wasn't expecting!

One long demo!

I enjoyed it alot!  Still am!  Here is a follow up!

I love the atmosphere and the build up.  The game is similar to resident evil and silent hill but is its own animal.  I like where this is going!  I will be playing and waiting for more!

Rough day for me on this one!

Fun adaptation!

Definitely Twilight Zone-esque!

Fun short little game that got me turned around for a second but was heavily laced with the love of ones grandma and viking lore with a dash of sexism to remain topical.  Great graphics and soft feel.

Look forward to more if there is any!

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Thought it was a decent story.  Not much in the sense of an actual game, but, more of a social point wrapped in the personification of a female deer.    I understood your concern within the premise, but disagreed with the execution.  Dont let this dissuade you from the fact that the level design and overall atmosphere provided with the coupled music was, no doubt, exactly what you were aiming for. Bravo!