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Status update: the Android version is back online

Google play took it down because I haven't updated it in a while. I will get it back up in a couple weeks, when I have time again.

Thanks for the offer, but this plugin doesn't really apply to Melody Duel since the beat is dictated by the players. If I make it dictated by the beat of a song, then that'll defeat the point of the game.

Also, sorry for the late reply. Idk how I missed the notification.

For everyone looking to meet up with other players: I've made a Discord Server (link in the description). It'll be easier to communicate with each other there, since these comments have very delayed notifications.

Very good job

Ok, thanks for the information.

So, it sounds like your brother's game either crashes (i.e. becomes unresponsive or unexpectedly closes or shuts down and needs to be restarted) or he disconnects (his internet dips for a moment and he loses connection with you) causing the online game to end and since you're the last player still connected, you 'win', and are probably sent back to the online room lobby, where the settings and players are listed. Does this theory sound correct?

Also, if your brother's game is indeed crashing, I'm not sure why. I don't have a Chromebook to recreate the issue and I've never seen the game crash on my devices before.

I'm glad you all enjoy it :)

May I have more information? Which platform (Web, Standalone Windows or Android phone)? At what point while online (Lobby, while playing)? If while playing, how many people were in the room? And how does it crash? This will help me understand how to recreate this issue and potentially find a solution.


Dang. Unfortunately, my analytics isn't picking it up, so I cannot address the situation. In the meantime, I hope you can enjoy the game on its other platforms.

That's so strange. I'm sorry that is happening. I am not able to recreate this on my computer to figure out a fix.

Maybe try playing with the Windows or Android version to see if the issue persists on those platforms?

Which keys, in which mode?

Nice! Thanks for the support.

Thank you for the review! I never expected this level of reply.

To answer a few of your concerns: the infinite respawns was purely for the sake of the prototype, which intends to focus more on the combat system, rather than reaching an ultimate goal. I see now that it backfires if you die too often, as the waves will begin to overlap onto each other, creating more enemies than anticipated. Which brings us to the biggest killjoy of your experience: The Hammerhead. A hammerhead is supposed to be an intimidating enemy, having the advantage of hitstun, where her other smaller shark companions do not. Just one of them is a threat. Two of them is a real struggle. But any more is a death sentence. Thus, there should be better measures in place to ensure their presence is limited.

One of the biggest things I've learned from your playthrough is how weak the normal attacks are. The 3 hit combo is more for flavour than practicality, in hindsight. In comparison, the heavy attack gives you the hitstun you were looking for, plus high damage and knockback. Couple this with the option to cancel the animation into a dodge to escape any danger the slow wind-up may have placed you in, and you've got a recipe to completely invalidated the 3 hit combo. That's a design flaw...

Beyond that, yes, more anticipation frames, I must agree. Also, the Tortoise's water balls do die after about 10 seconds. They're designed to be slow, low-damage annoyances that interrupt you during your fight with the sharks.

Thanks again for your feedback. It has highlighted some flaws that I could not see.

Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, I have both, however, my discord is personal. Here is my twitter: While I don't tweet much at all, I'll always answer a direct message.

Currently, we don't have plans to continue with the game right now. We're working on a new title and will release a prototype for that in a few months. At that point, depending on how we feel between the two games, we'll either circle back to Rabbit's Foot or continue fleshing out the new title.