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this game really made me feel some type of way. the movement is so idiosyncratic but i love it. plus suddenly the flock is moving around the orange wheels.... good stuff! only missing some audio maybe

cute lil mosquito! though i mostly ran around on the skin. im gonna try to swat mosquitoes with my fist next season.

i would recommend slimming down the hitboxes though.

Thanks Birs!

Yeah it's just the caterpillars, that makes sense, what with the bloody explosion! Keep up the good work :)

Haven't played all of it yet, but I LOVE the combat. My only problem is that the topmost enemy attack bar appears very close to where I want to enter my attack slot. It makes it hard to plot a course sometimes. Very cute, very nice to watch the frog sleep.

Cute game! I like the idea of rocketjumping! I just have 1 major gripe: the enemies still deal damage in their death animation, which feels unintenional. Also aiming down, which you do so often, feels clunky because the cute mage looks down sideways.