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Enjoyed the game and really loved this game design's style of horror games. A bit loud, but when is loud never scary? 

I second that. Maybe you can actually put an ending in this game. Lol

I'll admit I got my nuts jiggled with fear for the moment. But it became a life's mission to beat this game. And well, it feels like I'm immortal.

I know its been out for a while, I have seen the game been played when it was hyped, but I didn't have a channel back then. So I decided to re-experience the horror. 

Hey MoustacheBanana. I was playing to get the "ending" but seriously what and where is the ending? I got up to stage 38 and level 20 lol. Is there even an ending to your game? Just curious so I can stop trying if there isn't.

Enjoyed this game, I normally don't get scared in horror games, but I still had a great time playing this overall. Glad to have played it and the experience.

I honestly had an amazing time playing this game. Usually I just play games for content, but this was just an amazing advent.

A legend of Handshaking. 

Downright Horror. 

Loved the show and just went ahead and played this game for some entertainment.

I downloaded this game a while ago. but managed to play it this time around. it was quite fun, had a blast knocking down the chairs.