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That was an awesome game! I had a little issue with a couple doors, but over all, it was a really well finished one, despite just being a demo. I'd love to have maybe options to say on the chat function, or maybe more missions to accept from different people that you can choose from. But this game is already pretty much a finished game - it's one of the best I've found on Itch so far. Well done on it! 

That was a great game. No, honestly, it was fantastic. Did not expect to actually like getting punched in the face so much??? I think I can no recite every answer that won't get me punched, off by heart. 

Surprisingly, my only issue isn't with restarting the game every time I get punched - I just sort of want a save sort of thing, because I don't have a lot of time to play games. This is obviously my persona issue, but I'm just saying this because I have to keep multiple tabs open if I want to do anything other than the game (I'm a busy person ha), and it really slows my already slow computer down.

 And if I keep the window open for more than a few hours, it tends to crash (through no fault of yours, of course - I have the worst computer in the world) and I'd lose all my data. Frustrating, lol, but I suppose that's the game - I don't mind starting over, it's fun! Just my personal problem there, I suppose. 

Also, the music is great (trash for persona kind of style music lolol). Just saying, I love the art and the music and pretty much everything about this game? From the meme references, random answers to questions, the love of c a t s, everything - and I'm pleasantly surprised that you plan to update it so much with more routes!!!

My only regret is that  1.I can't pay for this - I'm a broke chinese kid and is literally the only platform I can get good games on - But of all the games I've downloaded and played on here, WDS is (pretty ironically) my favourite! and 2. There isn't a sound effect for MRGRGR???? There totally should be one?? So you can process the fact that you have messed up and slam your face on the keyboard before Etsuji punches you again???? 

anyway thank you so much!! ( And I look forward to seeing more content from yu, dude, for a first game this is insanely good, you must have been working ridiculously hard on it before release) 

Regards, Zhou An (random and broke player)