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Hey Max!
I love addictive puzzle games like this so I'm excited to dig in more once i'm off work. I've been thinking about this certain Aesthetic for a while as everyone is chasing after 80's and 90's nostalgia. I couldn't figure out the right keywords to find more interfaces like. Could you go into what games and other pieces of art that you looked at to build this look?

ty! Invisible inc was definitely on the mood boards while we were trying to define the look.

wow wow thank you! Glad to hear you had a pretty good time! Thanks to you, Jeff was able to get his copy of too human in peace

Thanks man! The compliments mean a lot to me and the other members of the team. 

We wish it could’ve had a bit more content to it! 

We really wanted to do a tutorial too! And now that i think about it, maybe we could've pulled one off but ah well. 
Into the Breach is genius status! trying to ape on their idea makes me appreciate how well it turned out soo much.