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A sick game. The jumpscare in the train station got me abit. Loved the mood, was abit tough in the beginning personally to play but wasn't too hard. Loved the fight we get into later in game. I do wish there were perhaps more interactable NPCs but again its a short game so wasn't too problematic too. Overall loved it good job devs!

Loved the game. Sure the mystery was intriguing in the beginning but i personally felt that it wasn't too hard to solve except for one thing. Since its a spoiler i won't discuss here. Loved the artstyle, surprisingly there were some jumpscares lol that got me abit. Beautiful music and loved the character cosplaying as the witch. Sure the puzzles were not too hard but you sure do miss things if you didn't click at the exact spot. Apart from that Good job devs! Keep making more!

Was a fun game. I enjoyed it good job devs!


Was a creepy game which tests my blood pressure lol. I gave up pretty early but may try again on my own time. Thanx fr making the game devs! I have disappointed a chef. Not any chef but that guy who screams donkey at me.

Oops my bad lol. My spidey senses are damaged lol.

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This is one of the most disturbing games i've played in the recent days. It tends to mess my mind when i think about the situation the girl's living in. Loved the short but intriguing and likeable cast of characters. Loved the creeps it gave me (Hated it too). Good job devs loved your game! Keep making more like this! 

Side Note: The 3 part series i made on the game release in 3 to 4 day intervals generally so expect the links to part 2 and 3 work in 3 to 4 days!

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My words won't be enough to explain everything i feel about this game in this comment or do i have them in a video discussing about it??? Hmmmmm.... This game has become one of my favorite's due to the variety of creeps and intriguing storyline and sick mom like literally and in terms of awesomeness.

 I was so excited I made a video discussing about the game with cool edits yeeeehhh... it took me two weeks to make this video. Lemino in the comments what you'll think. Devs! Good job, i love your game and i am expecting more like this!

Loved the game. From the suspense that builds up well overtime to the already creepy atmosphere boosted by the creep we meet... bruh. I do wish we could have done something in the end but its a demo so its fine i guess.Awaiting the full game. Best of luck! Also i will release a part 2 soon in 3 days.

A spooky game from the flickering lights to the creepy dolls. It was eerie especially in the later playthrough as weird tapes and videos started playing on tv which really creeped me out. I did however find the jumpscare before the end not so creepy. Yet many others did shake me. Overall i liked it. Good job devs! Also i will be releasing part 2 soon!

I guess this is a good stalker simulator because i felt like i was being watched every single time. I believe the strength of the game was in the atmosphere and the tension that builds up. Good job devs! And yes the basement was creepy as hell.

This game made me feel as if soneone was watching me. It built tension well especially when entering certain rooms and simply seeing a fan thats on still while what you see afterwards is horrifying. Liked the VHS style especially when looking at the moon it looks real. Quite a creepy game! Good job devs! I will release part 2 soon!

This game kind of disappointed me at first impression. However as i thought more about it the more scarier and kinda relatable it was. I think its great in the aspect that the game's events seem more realistic as it has chances of happening than monsters etc. It was a short experience so i feel there wasn't enough room for more stuff. Apart from that it was an alright experience. Good job devs!

It was a cool game. Had fun from the jumpscares to the buff boi himself.  Scared at every door to see what awaits. What a sussy baka... Good job devs!

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I loved this game. I was immersed into the story. I felt the disgust from the rotting body. Thought it was weird with the pumpkin theme, probably its kind of symbolic of putting on something that hides your core problems. Hated the mother and the father and was definitely wanting the daughter to get what she deserves. The art was alright. Good job devs! Keep making more!

This game is a sneaky one. I wasn't expecting the end i got. I got the worst ending possible on my first play through and i love how the game makes you feel guilty for it lol. Really loved it. Would recommend it as it has 3 different endings. Music was fine. The characters and environments gave me fairy tale halloween vibes for sure. Good job devs!

A great game. Liked the atmosphere as constant tension sets in as you do small tasks. The mascot of the salvation project was interesting. Decent voice acting. Found it funny tbh. Classic vibes. Good job devs!

I found this game through butcher valley. 

Quite an interesting game with a unique art style. Liked the concept of a store in the underworld and the different characters and their stories sometimes reflected without words from the way they look. Reminds me of old flash games like hotdog bush etc of the kind. I'll make more content in the future out of this game hopefully. Good job devs!

That's great i'll definitely check it out!

I loved this game alot. It's quite good. Wasn't really expecting the boss battles you could say. The game constantly brings interest to the player. The game is hilarious. A unique game I'd say. The puzzles weren't too hard. Would like to see more about the universe in which butcher valley occurs as i feel it has potential to expand to new stories with nora and louie. Good job devs keep up the good work!

I love this game. It's quite emotional and makes you care for the characters alot, because sometimes the interactions and the small things you notice can all make a difference later. Loved the artstyle as well, looks beautiful, likeable and realistic characters imo and overall a nice story. I also liked the fact that you can play both sides of the story which may give new insights compared to the previous play. Not really alot to complain. Good job devs! Keep making more like these!

Liked the ps1 feel. First half was interesting, funny and says how annoying the dispatch caller's job is. The atmosphere etc and certain things just creep you out like hearing someone run while your trying to get through the fences in the second half. It kept on edge especially the loud banging noises jesus.  I did encounter some bugs that led me to playing the second half from beginning. Again assuming there is only one ending i felt the ending was not what i expected or felt abrupt. Overall however i do wanna see how the story pogresses. Good job devs! I am excited!

I liked this game. Loved the 3rd person cartoon perspective, wasn't really expecting for it. While i personally love the doll shop more, this is still an interesting game thats worth playing. Yes i do wish it was abit longer like exploring the yurei world abit more but again there were many things like the eerie music, the suspense of what could be seen next as we go forward and the overall feel that kept me invested in the game. Good job keep making more games like these!

A short one. Liked it. Was quite simple. You have to get the 10 totems. Liked the concept of the shadows roaming around and you have to seek their footprints to stay alive. Also like the fact you have a story with 2 endings. It heavilly reminds me of ocarina of time especially the music that plays when we meet the skeleton hanging by in the chains. Good one devs! Keep making more good games!

Spooky game man. I wasn't expecting to hide or run away from a cool looking but terrifying flesh demon. The flesh room and atmosphere and all were quite creepy. Again i am aware this is a demo so obviously things may change later as i felt there were few bugs etc. The music that plays is terrifying and the end game scare was satsifying. Awaiting for the full version. Good job devs loved your game!

Really enjoyed the game. First from the day adjustment system to the creepy and slow build up to the endgame revelations. Also loved the details like a rainy day to the small items in the game. Interesting story too, an original one in my opinion. I am a sucker for the art style and the overall atmosphere it sets. Good job devs! Keep making more like this!

Quite an interesting game. Rarely you get 2nd person games and this was one of those. Liked the puzzle based gameplay though personally i am not a fan of them for letsplays, it wasn't too hard to solve but time can make you nervous. Also liked the ending with the choices you can make. The chase scenes did keep me on the edge and i liked that camera angles can prepare you for intense jumpscares! Also had a laugh with the fact that you can trip yourself over the stones on the floor lol.

Overall good job devs!

An interesting and short game with a weird killer in it. Also liked that there were multiple endings and you also get to learn about the killer each play.

Good job devs!
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Quite a dark game which made me feel the sadness and the dull life the character is experiencing. Has strong themes. Was confusing as well abit but i guess it is part of the story which clears itself as more chapters are released. Liked it and i am eagerly awaiting for be upcoming chapters. Good Job devs. I also made a 2 part series as well where i ve released part 1 of chapter 1. Feel free to check it out.

A really bizarre game. Quite short too. Few jumpscares got me. But i would have loved to know more regarding what is happening actually. Perhaps its is just left to the player to piece the puzzle and intepret in their own way. Overall i liked it.

Pretty good game! I really liked it. Short creepy and music sets the mood. It does give out alot of junji ito vibes. Kept me on edge once stuff gets weird. I AM LOVING TO SEE MORE LIKE THIS!

The game was overall ok. Not bad. I believe that one of its main message is about how we may feel an unnerving sensation when things don't seem right and bizarre occurrences take place, however it may all just be much less sinister and more simpler than it looks. I do feel the game could have used other forms of danger to amp up the tension in the game like animals etc though for its size and probably what the creator wanted this may not be required, because personally the stalker in the game didnt feel justified because it disappears in an inhuman manner which could however be created to have different intepretations of the ending. Graphics wise it emulates old games, does the job. Apart from that keep up the good work devs and i wish you best of luck in more games you'll create in the future!

The game was quite enjoyable and immersive. Liked the concept of a dispatch call simulator. The karen was a nice bonus to the game. The voice recognition was a pretty cool feature too. ***spoilers*** i felt the monster was however unnecessary while it may or may not surprise people the experience of being the dispatch caller was by itself interesting. Again the game probably is trying to be true to the creepypasta so not a big issue to me. Also i wish it was more creepier though. Overall liked it. Good job devs! Keep making more!

Understandable, that makes sense about the issues. Also yes i ll definitely check out your games! Keep makng more! Best of luck!

Whoooo.... this game was a weird ride man. I liked the tension that built up to the events and as well as a natural feel about the voice actors atleast imo. Liked certain scenes like the cows eating their own kind which makes your alarm ring you to exit lol. Scares wise i felt it could have made use of more jumpscares because eventually you get used to the animal sounds in the game. I am aware its still in development so ignore if this is fixed, but i feel the end was abrupt as well as felt an extra creature causing the events could have been used. Again its just a suggestion when it comes to the latter. That apart i felt the game was worth my time and i enjoyed it!

Thanks for the game devs and keep creating more!

An interesting game with beautiful visuals for a pixel art game. It was short and sweet, a story that just proved myself wrong in the way i thought about certain characters. I like the intro music and i just felt however the game could have made use of a few more music in it though its a short game so i guess its fine. Overall i loved it and was quite emotional to me. I made a series on this game and my first part is out. Good job devs i am expecting more good stuff from you'll! Best of luck!

I loved this game from its comfy jazz to the creepy ass mona lisa screaming in the halls once all hell breaks loose. The game was quite well optimised too because it ran smooth on my low power laptop. Only disappointment i had was the ending scare as it kind of stops in the middle. I was expecting a fnaf style jumpscare but this gameplay is a few weeks old so ignore if the dev has updated it. Other than that loved the chore! i mean my real employment job in game!

I saw the first part of mr hopps from markiplier and had its music stuck my head for days. Now i have played the demo of part 2 in my channel and it's a terrifying game with children at the risk of being harmed by giant creepy dolls. I feel it teases well and is scary for a 2d sidescroller. let me if you'll want me to play the full game! Hope you enjoy my video!

This game broke my brain as i made a 2 part series of this. It gives me nostalgia of n64 and other old games. The music is quite nostalgic too. I like it gives choices improving the replaybility for players. A unique but weird one overall. I have part 1 out and and will put part 2 asap. Hope you'll enjoy the video!

I made a 2 part series for this game. Where do i even begin. The music is great quite immersive. I was happy with the fact that you can explore almost every single item in the game and yes it does say its an exploration based game. Also the story seems quite real, the voice acting is good and an interesting way of storytelling through exploration. Ofcourse this game isn't for you if your not into a slow paced exploration game as it does have a few puzzles and alot of narration. But i would rank it high overall.

This game is soo scary that you may even notice me shaking in the video sometimes almost as if i got a stroke. Really good job with the story as it unfolds, i thought the voice acting was decent. Good jumpscares imo. Definitely recommend playing it one of the scariest i personally played.