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Hi, N.O.Marsh, I've enjoyed your game alot and it stuck with me since I first came across it from manly badass hero and then played it myself. I really appreciate you for making this game and wish you best of luck with your future games. I've made an explained style video expressing my thoughts and opinions about it, talking about my favorite aspects. Anyone is welcome to watch it, the links are down below and i hope I could atleast express my thanks this way. Have a nice day!

Loved the game. Was very disturbing at the end reveal. Good job keep making more like this! I was also curious what is the name of the music that plays when we do the fourth task?

Hey guys i've made a 40 minute long explanation video on your game including my theory! It was tough for me to piece the puzzle as the further i dig the more confusing things were so hopefully i've made one that makes sense! I would love it if you guys and my viewers let me know what you think of the video!

Did not expect that twist at all. Good game mate. Short and sweet. Keep making more like these.

This game was so immersive and satisfying, it may as well be one of my favorites for this year. Good job with the unsettling story to the sick beat at tense moments. I even started my video with a small trailer because it was like a movie. Good job devs and good luck with your future projects and current ones.

I have played about 25 minutes and i love this game. Can't wait to finish it and i had some interesting surprises with embry and others.

Thank you for this game. I loved it alot. Was very fun to be patient enough to discover the truth of who i am and just love the vibes in a taxi ride in general. The music fits well too. I recorded it awhile ago but i still remember its story. It was memorable. Again, thank you alot for this game.

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Loved the game. Short and sweet. Oddly the room was comfy. Thank you for convincing me to not have a bunny that moves around like that and demands more than it should be. Keep making more games pal!

Hey cool game. Loved the constant intrigue to find out the truth and the end was kinda creepy. Good job i loved this game.

Loved your game. Got me at the end and in editing i realised how creepy the shadow of the girl was. Good job devs, keep making more.

I liked it and am excited for more. The creepiest part to me was how in editing i realised the baby's sound just flew by my ears initially when i played the game. Good job devs keep making more and i wish you best of luck.

This was a cool short game. Quite disturbing in the sense that you feel powerless as a young person whose parents are missing and your all alone with a weird creature roaming around playing games. It even got me in few instances, especially in the washroom which creeped me out. Good job devs keep making more like this!

I loved this game. Was very hyped for it. My only disappointment was that it was a short experience. But other than that loved the vibes and its a good way to tease a game. Its just that there is some form of suspense in the night with a journey to be embarked on.

Best of luck with more games like these devs!
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This is a simple but great game because its a children's story mixed with a bit of mouse clicking and problem solving. Loved the music it just drags me into this short experience. And also loved the stories chosen especially the second one which was quite creepy to me but also i was in awe of what i saw in the sky.

I loved the vibes this game gave me and it feels nostalgic to me. Good job devs and keep making more like this!

I ve made a two part series on this game. Part two would be released next week!

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Loved the game. Weird gotta say. Its not necessarily the creepiest and i also found the character a bit comical. One jumpscare got me however. But it was enjoyable. I did however find the atmosphere eerie gotta say. Keep making more games devs! Best of luck!

This is a unique and bizarre game. First impressions itself i knew it was gonna be a banger. Loved the owl's voice actor and overall everyone in general. The game wasn't too hard in terms of the puzzles as you do get get guided eventually. Good job devs keep up the good work and keep making more like these!

I absolutely loved this game. Its one of my favourites in the recent days since i've played it. Loved the story and i also learnt more about the transgender people and how they feel about their true identity. It taught me some valuable lessons too. Good job devs keep making more like this!

Loved the game so far with the 2 endings. I didn't even expect the boss lol that was sick. This was ambitious. Good job devs.

Like that thumbnail lol thats creative.

Loved this game alot from the feel the atmosphere gave to the unexpected end. I am a sucker for these types of games that have some japanese shrine involved. Good job devs keep making more!

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Loved how the game kept me feeling disturbed as well as on edge and creepy atmosphere i gotta say. Hate the turns that i had to take in the public washrooms to find an item. The game plays with your mind sometimes i feel. Good job devs!

A sick game. The jumpscare in the train station got me abit. Loved the mood, was abit tough in the beginning personally to play but wasn't too hard. Loved the fight we get into later in game. I do wish there were perhaps more interactable NPCs but again its a short game so wasn't too problematic too. Overall loved it good job devs!

Loved the game. Sure the mystery was intriguing in the beginning but i personally felt that it wasn't too hard to solve except for one thing. Since its a spoiler i won't discuss here. Loved the artstyle, surprisingly there were some jumpscares lol that got me abit. Beautiful music and loved the character cosplaying as the witch. Sure the puzzles were not too hard but you sure do miss things if you didn't click at the exact spot. Apart from that Good job devs! Keep making more!

Was a creepy game which tests my blood pressure lol. I gave up pretty early but may try again on my own time. Thanx fr making the game devs! I have disappointed a chef. Not any chef but that guy who screams donkey at me.

Oops my bad lol. My spidey senses are damaged lol.

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This is one of the most disturbing games i've played in the recent days. It tends to mess my mind when i think about the situation the girl's living in. Loved the short but intriguing and likeable cast of characters. Loved the creeps it gave me (Hated it too). Good job devs loved your game! Keep making more like this! 

Side Note: The 3 part series i made on the game release in 3 to 4 day intervals generally so expect the links to part 2 and 3 work in 3 to 4 days!

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My words won't be enough to explain everything i feel about this game in this comment or do i have them in a video discussing about it??? Hmmmmm.... This game has become one of my favorite's due to the variety of creeps and intriguing storyline and sick mom like literally and in terms of awesomeness.

 I was so excited I made a video discussing about the game with cool edits yeeeehhh... it took me two weeks to make this video. Lemino in the comments what you'll think. Devs! Good job, i love your game and i am expecting more like this!

A spooky game from the flickering lights to the creepy dolls. It was eerie especially in the later playthrough as weird tapes and videos started playing on tv which really creeped me out. I did however find the jumpscare before the end not so creepy. Yet many others did shake me. Overall i liked it. Good job devs! Also i will be releasing part 2 soon!

I guess this is a good stalker simulator because i felt like i was being watched every single time. I believe the strength of the game was in the atmosphere and the tension that builds up. Good job devs! And yes the basement was creepy as hell.

This game made me feel as if soneone was watching me. It built tension well especially when entering certain rooms and simply seeing a fan thats on still while what you see afterwards is horrifying. Liked the VHS style especially when looking at the moon it looks real. Quite a creepy game! Good job devs! I will release part 2 soon!

This game kind of disappointed me at first impression. However as i thought more about it the more scarier and kinda relatable it was. I think its great in the aspect that the game's events seem more realistic as it has chances of happening than monsters etc. It was a short experience so i feel there wasn't enough room for more stuff. Apart from that it was an alright experience. Good job devs!

It was a cool game. Had fun from the jumpscares to the buff boi himself.  Scared at every door to see what awaits. What a sussy baka... Good job devs!

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I loved this game. I was immersed into the story. I felt the disgust from the rotting body. Thought it was weird with the pumpkin theme, probably its kind of symbolic of putting on something that hides your core problems. Hated the mother and the father and was definitely wanting the daughter to get what she deserves. The art was alright. Good job devs! Keep making more!

A great game. Liked the atmosphere as constant tension sets in as you do small tasks. The mascot of the salvation project was interesting. Decent voice acting. Found it funny tbh. Classic vibes. Good job devs!

I found this game through butcher valley. 

Quite an interesting game with a unique art style. Liked the concept of a store in the underworld and the different characters and their stories sometimes reflected without words from the way they look. Reminds me of old flash games like hotdog bush etc of the kind. I'll make more content in the future out of this game hopefully. Good job devs!

That's great i'll definitely check it out!

I loved this game alot. It's quite good. Wasn't really expecting the boss battles you could say. The game constantly brings interest to the player. The game is hilarious. A unique game I'd say. The puzzles weren't too hard. Would like to see more about the universe in which butcher valley occurs as i feel it has potential to expand to new stories with nora and louie. Good job devs keep up the good work!