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Oh, excellent !

Hi, any hope for game controllers support (for each of the 2 players)? Especially on MacOS, as Big Sur 11.3 introduced recent console controllers support :)


i can't get the game to work on my MacOS / M1 Macbook Pro . It looks like i am not allowed to run it: a system message tells me to get in touch with my local or network admin.  Do you think that is fixable? I can help for the tests on the M1 platform if needed.

Hi, any chance for a MacOS version in a near future? My brand new M1 Macbook would be glad to run this game! :)

On my Macbook Pro M1 / Bug Sur 11.3, i cant get the game to run. I only have a message saying that i am not allowed to run this application, and i should contact the computer or network administrator to fix that. Did i miss something? Or is it a bug that will be fixed? I can help to test if needed.

Hi, any hope to see the game ported to current Macs ? 32 bit apps are no more supported on Mac since High Sierra 10.13.4, and new Macs are more suited for gaming (especially since Big Sur 11.3 and M1 architecture)