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Imagine actually being nice enough to pick up hitchhikers. crazy

Cool game...I promise its scary. just not for me. that much. 

Bro. I dont know if i had the worst luck. or if im trash. Also mans is oiled up to the maximum for what?

Proud to say i am the first ever to speedrun this game. And do terrible. 

Game looked very nice, The hiding mechanic was confusing tho because there wasnt rly a point in it. and the key box had me stuck since i didnt know where to click to open it until a bit of time, otherwise good game.

Decent Game, I enjoy the art style of these games alot

Good game, i love these types of games, i would suggest getting a scarier sound for when your being chased by big dude. i experienced 2 bugs, one reset my game and the other was at the keypad.

Got stuck at the simplest puzzle. game looks rly good tho.

Among us. the game was 2 easy for someone as built different as me. >:)

I was surprisingly good at this game. Maybe i should work at a grocery store....then get fired for throwing boxes at customers.

History almost repeated itself.

i'd Rather die then hear her ring for the 30th time.

About 30 to 45 Minutes ago...

Yes...I am aware a horror game is supposed to be scary...Thats why normally you hate playing the game. Because its scary. But also enjoy it...Because its scary. Hate doesn't always mean literally hate broski.

Ayo. The game was fire, i feel like if you add a third chicken dude after round 6 it would be even better, Also. i used bear traps....quite a bit.

lil man got stuck in the shadow realms...

I hate horror games that build anticipation. Because they are the scariest.

I liked the VHS effects. Gargoyle was alil weird tho.

The Hash Slinging slasher didnt want the smoke.

Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders.

Boots wasnt valid.

lets go.

Ive played almost every SpongeBob horror game there is. Karen kinda bad tho.

Even tho, i dont get very scared while playing horror games. This on had me on edge the entire time.

this game was very good. shouldnt even be free.

Ayo gordan need to close that mouth before i act up.

Patrick had some cake. 10/10

Mans was zooming alot. Other than that. it was a chill game. 

I never really liked harry potter. But i liked this game.

Gotta love spongebob horror games.

Arthur Was moving mad sus at some times.