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I would prefer to wait. Dont get me wrong, content related to Dragons and tournament is a very interesting thing (actualy it is the most interesting part for me and Im already prepared for anything with 999 str... I guess), but the more content there will be during next relese - the better.

Happy New Year, N2TheFire! 🥳

This was a crazy year and I didnt comment a lot, I didnt even tryed to play Second Chapter of Serenity or your new game The Last Human, since I didnt had time at all with everything going on. But I promise that I will find time in the new year! Thank you for all your hardworking! 🙂

Thank you for creating such a great and unique game with so many different and interesting mechanics, countless possibilityes, giant world and with so many different characters with their own personalities and storyes!

Happy New Year, Altos&Herdone! 🥳

Happy New Year, Runey, you are the best! 🥳

Happy New Year, Jamleng! 🥳

Happy New Year, Parados! 🥳

Happy New Year, Stawer! 🥳

Happy New Year, Caribdis! 🥳

Happy New Year, dear Komisari! 🥳


Now Im curious as hell, what is that calculator you are playing on if you do not have access to save files for RenPy games? 😁

Look on your own comment again. You are just jealous as hell, nothing more 🙂

I see. You are just a jealouse loser who cant create anything and instead you are going around spreading sh*t about people who are more talented and hardworking than you. Yeah, f*ck off dumbass. People know very well why they are paying money to Komisari, no one needs your useless opinion here.

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It applyes to everything as long as you have access to save files. If you are using apk version of the game save files usualy can be found in "Andoid/data" directory, in game's folder. If your android is 11 or higher you will need file manager that can give you access to "android/data" directory (for that purpose I usualy use ZArchiever, as it is not only good archiever, but also great file manager). If you are using JoiPlay emulator things are much easyer - saves are in the folder with game.

Why do you need cheats if save editor exists?...

The longest and the worst (yeah, drown me in dislikes now, lol).

Yes, exactly. It is so rare nowadays for developer to do their best to create a unique and interesting game. Komisari already did a great work by implementing so many different mechanics into (for one second!) RenPy game. I am sure someone like Komisari will no lie to his followers just for money. He is realy trying his best to make HHG the game of highest quality and we must appreciate this 🙂

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Everyone likes Jimmy The Best Bro 😁 💪

Grrrr... Those haters just make me angry as hell!! Stop posting sh*t and putting such a pressure on developer! Or, if you are just losers who cant even wait patiently, just leave this page and never come back. No one needs your sh*ty opinion and false accusations.

Dear Komisari, do not pay attention to these jerks, they do not deserve it. Just delete theyr useless comments and move on. You are great and there are a lot of people who appreciate your work and are patiently waiting for chapter 1 to come. We know that you want to make chapter 1 perfect and we will wait as much time as will be needed 😉❤️

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We already had an argument about this (when? just checked and... wow, it was nearly a year ago, lol) and Im still convinced: even a normal every day guy can do much more than... PC in this game. I know for sure because I know what I would do. Im no one from nowhere and do not even own a hotel or bar, but even I would do much more if I would be in his shoes.

But this is just me and my opinion. Lets not bring this disscusion here again, there is no point to do so, as we already know each other opinions. As I already said, this is your world and it is only up to you to create your own story... and I like your story so much that I follow nearly every update of the game nearly for two years already, so doesnt matter what I say, you was and you are one of the best gamedevs on itch 😉

Even if I do not associate myself with PC already Im still determined to see this story until the very end (ahh... I said it, but... I will definetely do it if russian rocket will not kill me before) 🙂

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Last update is realy good one, thank you Runey! :)

MC is still useless as hell (he cant even play a game of poker on his own... or he is not even there when His Own problem start to give problems to others). He just exists like manikin and leaves every serious work to others. But whatever, I already said a lot about this and do not want to bring this topic to disscusion again.

By the way, special thanks for Ashley's normal outfit that can be used everywhere, I realy like it much more than any other :))

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Not in this game. I personaly like some forms of ntr (netorase/pimp particularly), but for HH ntr will be bad in any form.

Awesome! 😃

Two words: learn english.

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I told this many times already and I will say it again - just take all the time you need, Komisari. It is realy rare these days to find a game of a high quality with realy good story. Yes, Im saying this directly, your "adult game" is of a much higher quality than 80 percent of "serious" game trash that, as example, can be found in android google market. Just take your time and, most important, take care of your health. I have a problem with my eyes too (unfortunatly permanent, with a possibility that in around 15-20 years... or sooner... I will become completely blind) and can say for sure - eyes are the most important part of your body.

Remember, you are the best and community will wait as much time as will be needed. No need to make posts with revealing of work progress. We just want to know that you are alive, you health is great and you continue to develope the game. No need to give any proves, just "Im fine, filling well and Im working" will be more than enough :)

Maybe you need therapy, but first and foremost you need a good anonimous friend in internet, someone who you could trust and whith whom you could disscus this problem. Im not psyhologist and, definety, not an expert in such things, but I had some friends with same terrible expirience and I was the one anonymous guy from internet, who was always ready to listen anything and tryed to comfort them. I do not know how it actualy helped, but after some time they sayd that talking with me honestly and without a need to hide any of their emotions helped them to overcome this trauma (something like talking with someone who, they knew for sure, they will never meet irl). I think it is the key - to have someone to speak honestly with about anything. Maybe try to find someone like this and maybe it will help you somehow.

Hmm... You mean the app that hides virtual space behind the calculator with password? Honestly, Im not sure. Everything depands on the app you are using, there are many such "calculators". The only thing I can say that all virtual space apps like this still store files somewhere. Usualy it is in that same dirrectory (Android/data). Sometimes developers of these apps adding "." in the front of folder name to make it hidden. Also sometimes developers make things more complicated and hide their app data somewhere in root folders and the only way to get access to it will be by "rooting" your device. Actualy at this point it will be much easier to just play the game from the begining than waiting for an android version or trying to "root" recent devices.

P.S. This is why I prefer to always use emulators instead of android ports. This way I always have a free access to all saves (so I can make backup of saves without keeping a game or to cheat freely).

If I remember correctly (didnt played DA android version for a long time), you can find folder with saves in Android/data directory. If you do not have access to it because of Android 11+ just download ZArchiver, this app can be used as simple file manager and it have full access to that directory. Find the folder of Deviant Anomalies and move the folder "saves" into the folder with Windows version of game.

Good thing that there is such thing like Joiplay to help you, right?......

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Hmm... Waiting impatiently for 0.11 dark path public update. I recently discovered that something is seriously fucked up in my mind and Im all into incest pimp content (yeah, this is what the game Nano Control did with me, lol), so I have my hopes realy high for LTA right now :D

Imho, the chain of comments is better. I like it this way much more than forum style.

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The game becomes better and better with every update, good job there!

By the way, idk if this can be solved or if this is just emulators issue, but think I will bring it here. Playing on Android. When I use JoiPlay emulator there are constant crashes. Not in one special place, but like 1 crash in every 8-10 minutes and even more offen during animation change, everything else is fine. When I use MaldiVes there are no crashes, but game becomes s-s-s-s-s-sloooooow as hell. Idk what can be the reason, as MaldiVes is realy perfect for every other RPGMaker game I have tryed, even realy complicated and big (like 10 Gb of content). MaldiVes is muuch better then JoiPlay, usualy outperforms it at everything. Just decided to report it, but Im not sure if there is anything that can be done here.

Thank you for your hardwork Parados, your game is realy of the high quality :)

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Latest versions of JoiPlay still do not work properly. Emulator itself is ok, but Renpy plugin is totaly baged for most users.

But, ofcourse, this can be solved easely - just by installing older version.

Use earlyer version of JoiPlay (I use 1.01.400) and JoiPlay Renpy Plugin (I use 1.00.40). All latest JoiPlay versions are buged as hell.

Hmm... Developer, can you please add the fireflyes for Halloween and Christmas as permanent option? Looks like I somehow messed up things and didnt even started the Halloween event in october... just forgot that event firefly appeared and spent that month in "money grind" mode. As a result after end of october I was auto moved to Christmas event without completing the Halloween event.

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Maan... That kick and special "Star Wars" screaming... I can look on this eternally XD

Seriously, I even made a save of this moment to have a posibility to enjoy it again and again :D

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Google Play Store will not add such a game until developer will completely remove All sex and sex-related scenes.

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Ok, just got to the end of final build. It realy was awesome. I think my English will not be enough to say everything I want. This game... Serenity... is very special in compare to everything else I played. N2, I bet you yourself are very bright and kind person in reality. To create such a wonderful story... Im happy people like you exist in our world, it is thanks to existance of people like you I still didnt lost hope in this world. I wish you all the best and looking forward to your other creations and, ofcourse, most of all I will wait for return of Serenity story :)

P.S. I noticed that people complain about lack of suffering and challenge in the story.... F off guys, there are enough storyes about suffering. Enough storyes with helpless MC's. This game is great as it is. I realy like that MC is almyghty and he can solve any problem fast (ofcourse with help of other characters). I like that this game is bright. No need to change this.

Happy New Year, Caribdis! :)