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I'm glad you like it, we have a lineup of updates so follow us and keep in touch!

Blaster Creation Kit is now available!

Grab it here

I'm launching this in a few hours, I'm going to announce it here and on twitter, stay in touch.

I just finished modeling the Coyote blocks, I had to remodel some stuff this morning, so the end result is slightly different from what you might see in the speed-modeling videos.

With the new blocks we've reached a total of 206 blocks today, so the first objective is accomplished. I still have some cool gun designs I want to include in the initial release, I'll try to do that, or I can always add it in a future update, because ...

This kit releases in 4 days, give or take, so mark your calendars. I have many more ideas for gun parts, but practically speaking, I believe it's better to release those as updates, this kit will evolve thanks to your feedback, and I want you to get your hands on it as soon as possible.

Here are some screenshots of the new blocks with the second part of the speed-modeling video.

Thanks! Glad you like it so far!

I should have mentioned that while imagining this kit a few weeks ago, I created a virtual world in my head where there are different gun manufacturers, each with their own style and purpose, almost every block in this kit was "made" by one of these manufacturers:

  • Viper, Scorpion, Coyote: makes assault rifles, snipers, pistols and smgs for almost everyone, including mercenaries, private militaries, outlaws, space pirates, etc. The Coyote is inspired by the real-world M4 and its variants, the Scorpion is inspired by the AK, and the Viper a mix between the Vector and lots of SMGs.
  • Sentinel: makes weapons for the galactic regular army, the guns look average and are designed to be mass produced.
  • Predator, Valentine, Prometheus: makes big guns like light machineguns and rocket launchers
  • Brute, Hercules: specialized in shotguns, makes guns from metal scraps scavenged throughout the galaxy
  • Carmine: Makes weapons for a primitive race that still heavily relies on physical strength in battle.
  • Guardian: highly sophisticated weapon parts made by a synthetic race that seeks perfection, and of course, wants to exterminate every living thing in the galaxy.

So I created a Guardian Railgun, it's not 100% Guardian, since it has a Valentine stock and grip, well, you'll understand what I'm saying soon enough.

I also went ahead and recorded some of my modeling work, just for fun.

I made a sniper rifle, a shotgun and a pistol using the same blocks as a starting point, these are further proofs of concept of our Blaster Creation Kit and will also be included in the downloadable package.

Just for fun: I tried making an x-wing fighter just to see how good the blocks I made will look on a spaceship, I'll let you be the judge of that.

Hey guys,

There was a lot of good progress this week, we have reached 190 blocks. And we are closer than ever to the release date.

I've updated the original post with some info on my plans for the release.

As I said in the OP, my goal is not only to make +200 blocks, it's also to recreate a specific number of guns in Asset Forge to prove the usability of the blocks, that way I keep a minimalistic list of high quality blocks, and discard the rest.

These are the first 2 guns, I also have a timelapse video for you (at the bottom of this post), here are some pretty pictures:

It goes without saying that these guns will be available in the downloadable archive as .model files.

Let me know what you think either here, on Twitter or on Youtube.

Sure, it's a lovely design, so are the guns in the reference images you sent earlier, thanks again for those. I'm currently at 150 blocks, the range of possibilities is already quite significant, I'm confident you can build some cool guns with the kit already, I'll do my best to finish soon so you can get your hands on it.

Yes, I use Pureref. I used to have tons of folders with individual images, now I have one file for each project, which is super nice. I discovered the software almost a year ago and it made my work much more comfortable.

Thanks for the link, those concept arts are sick, I especially love the big bayonets, lots of cool stuff all around.

For your modeling project, it reminded me of an interview with George RR Martin, the writer of Game of Thrones, the interviewer asked him what he would do if he traveled back in time and was young again while retaining all his memories, he replied saying that he would freak out and wouldn't know if he could write all those books again, he was afraid he would mess them up.

It's normal to not be able to replicate your own work, in fact it's a good sign that you're making progress. Making progress doesn't always mean that your work is improving for the better, sometimes gaining new perspectives will make your results worse for a while. You need to let go of your need to do perfect work, and just have fun. If I were you I would look at the reference image once, put it aside, open Blender, and just model whatever crazy stuff my mind comes up with.

Trying to make a model that perfectly matches a reference image can be super stressful, you need to blow off some steam. What I did when starting out was for every hour spent on precision modeling, I do at least 15 minutes of freestyle wild crazy modeling, where I would take part of the model I made in the first hour, and just go to town on it, add weird things to it, try and turn it into a menacing spaceship, add cannons, spikes, and all sorts of crazy sh*t. It was fun, and I do it as often as I can.

Here are two examples (from my own work) of what I just told you, guess which is the precision work, and which is the crazy stuff :


I was just working on a hand-guard similar to the one in the yellow assault rifle you just posted. 

Also made some grips and other cool parts so it's very possible to re-create these beautiful guns using my blocks.

Thanks for the image, I've just added it to my reference folder, and I'll look more closely into the guns in Mass Effect from now on.

1) No, these assets are not under the MIT license nor the CC0 license, but under our own royalty-free license as explained in the original post, read the full text here.

2) No, you are not allowed to sell derivative work (such as weapon models, weapon packs, or modified meshes from our blocks) in online marketplaces, these assets are meant to be used in a transformative way such as in your game, video or educational material.

3) We are offering these assets with a pay-what-you-want model to allow everyone to use them and allow those who can afford it to support our work. So you can get them for free, or you can pay, it's your choice. The license will remain the same regardless of the amount you choose to pay.

I didn't dedicate much time to the large blaster blocks last week, so I came up with a few ideas for the front blocks :

(all images below were rendered in Blender using EEVEE, I'll take screenshots from Asset Forge later)

I also made more blocks for the medium blaster (stock, magazine well and wireframe upper half), and some detail blocks for all blasters, I'll make more detail blocks like tubes and such because they add so much visual interest to the model.

I made even more barrel-related blocks, the goal is to allow maximum customization of the barrel so I made more variations.

I also started making bayonets:


Yes with a bit more work you can achieve impressive results, I built those in a couple of minutes just to showcase the new blocks.

I've found some unexpected matches during my tests, like using a stock as a barrel, or a silencer as a handle, I'm eager to see what people will build with the help of this kit.

Scary! Looks like something Skynet from Terminator would build!

You can definitely build something like that with my blocks (I already made the grenade launcher for instance), plus some primitive shapes. And I see it has a light machinegun, I also have plans to build parts for that.

For the other parts I think it'll be more suited for a military vehicle/robot creation kit, perhaps I can work on something like that after finishing the current kit.

Today I learned a new term: Magazine Well, it's the slot where the magazine is inserted, and I created a bunch of them.

I also made variations on the medium blaster center block, I made thinner blocks, which are perfect for assault and marksman rifles.

In the screenshots below you can also see some stocks I made yesterday but didn't include in yesterday's screenshots.

The third gun has "jaws" at the front, the 4 blocks are separate so you can customize the look as much as you want. I made another jaw block, maybe I'll show it later after modeling more blocks.

I'm currently building around the medium blaster block, this is just a first step for me to kinda see how things turn out, but I definitely have plans for the large blaster block, and even larger designs.

Maybe for the big guns I will take some inspiration from DOOM or Quake, these games feature some really impressive big guns.

If you love the guns in a particular game let me know so I can boost my inspiration.

Today I created two new scopes and a few stocks.

I created a long and a short version of one of the stocks, and I don't know if you can see it, but I used the same short stock block at the front and the back of one of the rifles, and it looks surprisingly fine.

Happy to hear that. Thanks for your kind words.

I wrote a list of blocks in my todo list, as soon as they have been modeled and thoroughly tested I will start the process of releasing the collection. If you have some specific blocks in mind you want me to make, I can add those to my todo list.

Just added some cool magazines, a carry handle, and more blocks of all sorts.

In the screenshots below, I used blocks that were meant for the front of the gun as stock, which resulted in a weird but very sci-fi look.

Oh, and I also made a grenade launcher.

Thank you, and what an amazing piece of software you made, I fell in love with it the moment I purchased it, and I'd be delighted if I could contribute to make it even better.

I'm glad you like it!

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+200 blocks for creating blasters and all sorts of cool firearms and sci-fi guns in Asset Forge.

The blocks are designed to work seamlessly with the blaster blocks made by Kenney.

Dowload link:

Updates and Future Plans

We have tons of ideas for more gun parts, we will be releasing updates for the months to come. You are also welcome to suggest your own ideas.

We do our best to test everything in Asset Forge, Blender, Unity and Unreal Engine 4, if some stealthy glitch manages to slip through the cracks, just inform us about it and we will fix it in the next update.

How to Keep In Touch

Never miss an update or product launch:

For bug reports and your feedback:


You can pay what you want, which means you can get this completely free of charge.

If you feel that this kit adds significant value to your work, you can send money our way, every cent goes into making more awesome stuff. 

We have plans for more blocks and more collections. With more funds, we can work faster and give you even more toys to play with.


This product is published with our Zeus Game Assets Royalty Free license. More info at the bottom of this post.

The screenshots below were taken during the development phase before the initial release:

Why this project?

I consider myself a decent 3D artist, I'm not the best, but I can model a lot of stuff in Blender and create realistic looking textures in Substance Painter (If you'd like to see some of my work, I sell 3D ww2 warplane assets on my store). 

So in theory, I don't need to use tools like Asset Forge.

Although I know my way around Blender, I've always dreamed of a software that can instantly manifest my ideas, without spending hours just to see how one idea will turn out.

Asset Forge is pretty darn close to that dream. And it's getting better with every update.

I fell in love with Asset Forge right from the day I bought it. It already has a lot of blocks, but it wasn't enough for me, I was hungry for more. I wanted more toys to play with, i.e more blocks!

This is why I decided to make MORE BLOCKS: to give you more toys to play with. As simple as that.


In short: you are buying a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use our assets in an unlimited number of free and commercial games, apps, videos, or for educational purposes. This applies to free and paid assets, and includes all assets sold on, and on our online marketplace.

You are not allowed to sell, share, transfer, give away, sublicense, or redistribute an asset sold or given away by us on any website or marketplace under any circumstances, even if you modify the asset. For that you'll need written consent from us. You are not allowed to let your end-users extract the assets in their original form and use them outside of the relevant end product.

These assets were made to help users make content for their games, videos or educational programs. Using these assets to make models and sell them or give them away is not allowed.

Please read the full terms and conditions here.

Hi there,

I'm making a custom collection of blasters in Blender, when exporting OBJs from Blender to Asset Forge, the materials have a much darker color, and the thumbnails look darker too compared to the vanilla pieces.

I copied the hexadecimal value of the material color from ASF into the BaseColor channel in Blender's BSDF shader for all 3 materials used by the blaster pieces (_defaultMat, metalDark and dark), also copied metallic and glossiness values. Somehow, Blender seems to convert the colors when exporting to OBJ, I have no clue why or how.

So my question is: how to make colors look exactly the same when exporting OBJ from Blender to Asset Forge.

Software Used:

  • Asset Forge 2.0 preview-1c (Deluxe)
  • Blender 2.82 with EEVEE renderer

Steps to reproduce:

  • In Blender, create any object (eg cube) and create a material named metalDark
  • In Asset Forge, place a random blaster piece, go to materials, and select the metalDark material
  • Copy color, metallic and glossiness values from ASF to the material in Blender, setting Roughness to the inverse of glossiness
  • In Blender, export the object as OBJ with the default export settings and add it to a custom ASF collection
  • Re-open ASF with a clean scene, place the newly added object (should be placed first to initialize the materials)

I have a hunch that the problem is in the MTL file that blender exports along with the OBJ.

Here is the MTL file from one of my models (exported from Blender):

newmtl _defaultMat
Ns 0.000000
Ka 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000
Kd 0.938679 0.953396 1.000000
Ks 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Ke 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Ni 1.450000
d 1.000000
illum 1 newmtl dark
Ns 0.000000
Ka 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000
Kd 0.040915 0.045186 0.061246
Ks 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Ke 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Ni 1.450000
d 1.000000
illum 1 newmtl metalDark
Ns 0.000000
Ka 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000
Kd 0.132868 0.124772 0.376262
Ks 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Ke 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Ni 1.450000
d 1.000000
illum 1

And here is the MTL file generated by Asset Forge when exporting a vanilla blaster piece

newmtl metalDark
Kd 0.4 0.388 0.647 newmtl dark
Kd 0.224 0.235 0.275 newmtl _defaultMat
Kd 0.939 0.953 1