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Short but yummy game, i didnt go through all the ending becuase i am a bitch and i stopped after the first lol. Good game doe, would just say make the stamina regenerate, you spend alot of time slowly walking trying to save stamina

Pretty Good atmosphere and scares, the game is pretty intense though my recording would lag. Great game doe

for how short the game is, it does provide the big sp00k. Cant wait for full release or other horror games :)

Not bad game, i like that it keeps you on the move.

Very unsettling and well made, the graphics are delicious. cant wait for the full release

not a bad game, definitely need to work on the ai a bit :

Pretty fun and somehow scary game, it actually spooked me a fair bit. i like the concept of it being funny and a meme but still scares you. I hope you can finish this game off and keep the funny/meme theme going

Pretty Scary side scroller game. I like the atmosphere and the jumpscares. :) Took me a while to finish completely.

Very good game, i like the atmosphere alot. almost finished the first night but got caught and my stress level hit 3 :(. Good Spooks

Strange game, good atmosphere and timing of jumpscares. Graphics need to be better and the apparition needs to be scarier. Not too bad

Not a bad short horror game
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Never playing this game again, for real THE SCARIEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED. The atmosphere and ambience to the fukin girl that you see and the noises she makes is so fukin scary, Really good game if ur brave but im not so try it out.

Very good short horror game, was unsure how to get the good ending though

Interesting game, very nice and polished but i would not say it's a horror game. The mechanics are great and the controls are nice.

Truly scary game. The atmosphere and ambience itself was the scary factor, very well made game and sounds. If the game was 5 dollars it would still be worth it. I Hope there is more coming to this game or even other horror games you are developing :). The run time for the game is around 25-30 mins seen on my video above if interested :).

Unique style game, wasnt too sure what to do but still made really well non the less.