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make a prestige thing to get mor crabs and stuff.

good game.

great game! hope it gets huge world for full game on steam. also higher difficulty unlocks and a unlimited enemy one might be cool.

would the windows version work?

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the middle 4 tiles on the far right wont let me place in them.

this was great! cant wait for the 6 more areas!

this would be awsome 1 vs 1

trying to be funny and referencing necro merger.

the sewer is perfect...

try putting rocks around your city

i just need storage buildings. cool game.

nice game. just a little short.

which is the newest download?

thank you

right clicking to delete the one  line would be good. instead of redoing the whole hub

in case you sell too much or you just have the extra cash

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bug still there great game!!!

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you could have an reset that gives you undead minions for the mines to gain money or imps to gain  low power multi. 1 undead for every 1k/10k/100k peeps slaughtered. max power reached for the imps. also to reset the last ritual

great story