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I became increasingly uncomfortable with skill-based games. In my experience, players tend to look at the skills on the character sheet to find how to figure out solutions instead to try to interact with the fiction. As for the system itself, it is a fork/hack of the Traveller 2d6 srd which is better maintained by the Cepheus Engine’s folks than me with my little “act of rebellion”!

Thank you for you kind words! Happy you liked my take on this versatile system!

Great! Thank you, you were super fast!

Simple and effective! I really like it A singles pdf version and a booklet version would be nice additions!

I totally love this! Very useful and the layout is dope!

regional and city map are generated with watabou’s tools dungeon levels are drawn in with the “sketch mode” on

Stat score above 12 is for NPCs, they should use the same rules for throws as Playing Characters As for solo play, there’s no problem at all, all you need is an Oracle (I usually go for Ray Otus’ The Oracle or Graven Utterance’s Recluse). Then you roll a single character and adjust challenge level accordingly (i.e. a single foe instead of a squad, etc.)

Ciao, non prevedo una traduzione in tempi brevi, anzi ho il dubbio che non la farò mai l’interesse che può suscitare nel potenziale pubblico italiano non bilancia lo sforzo mi spiace

Hi! You can find my contacts on my personal page I am also on discord: zeruhur#9365

yes, going to correct this in the next version

Fixed these and others found around!

It was in fact an error. Complete oversight on my part. Funny that nobody pointed out this earlier! Fixed

Now a PDF is included in the download section. This is not the final product, only a raw conversion in LaTEX

fixed! thank you for the error report

Awesome font! I used it for my Loner RPG game title!

Overjoyed to see so1um on! I was afraid it was almost abandoned, glad that it is not the case! I hacked your wonderful system adding a bunch of other elements from many sources and compiled them into an alleged “so1um enhanced”. Hope it does not bother you.

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Hi Ray, since you released this under a CC BY-SA is it OK with you if I am going to translate it in Italian?

This is freaking awesome! Do you mind if I going to translate it in Italian?

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I prefer weird, scifi and science fantasy, so I attempted a less conventional approach but more congenial to me

my pleasure!

Sure! You can find it on my page, I called it so1um enhanced

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Otus did a great job to streamline the concept of Mythic GME, but I prefer the more easy approach of Tiny Solitary Soldiers, but also a little bit of crunch of the Recluse oracle (since FU oracle used by TSS has a boring distribution). It’s a pure matter of taste, I guess. Let me know the results of your play session when it is done!

Thank you! Since it is such a stripped down ruleset, I thought that a good presentation was mandatory to give it some boost.

I integrated this oracle in my expanded version of so1um rules (giving the credit to you of course!) Hope that doesn’t bother you!

This is a pure gem! I am eager to try this little game!

Congratulations on finishing third in the first One Page Derelict Jam!

Congratulations on finishing second in the first One Page Derelict Jam!

Congratulations on finishing first in the first One Page Derelict Jam!

Indeed! Hope to release some cthulhu-themed scenario in the next days!

Excellent scenario in the spirit of Binary Trinity! The tropes are awesome and the quest generator give some funny adventure to build upon.

Amazing, totally want to try this. An incredible example of convergent design with my GIST!. It makes perfect sense since sources of inspiration are common!

Very clever and I adore the components mechanic!

Definitely do it. Print and play is the way to go!

I am sucker for little sci-fi games like this! You made a true gem

Original and neat idea! Can’t wait to try it

Wonderful idea and execution, I definitely want to try this!

I love this little system!