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got the game to work! question; where does this key go? i've been looking for a door that opens to the garden but so far i've come up empty handed

The instruction at 0x00000000723AB626 referenced memory at 0x0000000000000040. The memory could not be read.

any clue what's up with this error? haven't been able to launch the game once and this was the first error message i actually got. 

sorry to sort of necro but Steam is chill with exposed tiddy and censored h-scenes, plus the addition of a free nsfw patch is a common occupancy for h-games on Steam!!! i have rlly bad experience with Epic Games support and they’re known for sketchy business practices on their launcher so I’d recommend doing a simultaneous launch if possible!!! more people use steam atm as well and this message does better with more ears to hear it <3

There's a dialogue error in the scene where you're discussing Miruku's memories with the professor; her default name appears in the dialogue rather than custom names.