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This is a very fun game to play! :D

At WARNING! You wrote Jumpscares wrong :) Am I the only one reading? xd

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Today I came back to the game again. now with the checkpoint its a lot better! This game is fantastic tho! :)

Bruh, I lasted 0 seconds xd I clicked way to fast :D

nice game, but a checkpoint would be good :D

That was a good game!

That game is really cool! Had a lot of fun playing it! 

Merry Christmas! :)

Good game my record is 74 :)

Well made for one day! Looks like a great game to Play to kill time!

thanks for your reply! Making games for game jams help me alot in unity and Scripting!!

Hi, Is this gonna be the last Jam or will you still do more? I also entered your One Button Jam and i learned a lot there. Currently making a new game for Two Button Game (still working on it). Are you gonna do more? :)

Thanks! :)

Hello Feldo! Is it allowed to put an another game in this jam?

i guess better than mine :D haha