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Excellent game bro, it's great, I'm available if you need a translator for the Spanish version of the game, since I love the world of video game creation, the game is fascinating, and I confess that it can be addictive, you have some dynamic excellent. I will follow you until you see this great idea grow, I congratulate you!

Tester. Hi bro! The page does not let me read your last message, if you can please, answer me here again to know the changes you made, and so try again, thanks!

Excellent work Mindleak! I would even like to work with you, ok, thank you very much for taking into account the Jet Pack with "W". I indicate the progress of the test. All bugs were fixed with the excavator, with the power connector, and with all buildings that require energy to operate. I also tested the transfer of resources through the use of carriers and it is excellent. Only 3 details I found, 1. apparently the excavator is not working with the algae resource, if you mentioned it, excuse me I did not read it. 2. I found some spelling mistakes in the text during the brilliant and extraordinary explanation of the tutorial (you showed off with the explanations congratulations), nothing serious but you know how the gamers are with the errors at the end, I pass you where I found, but it would be good that reviews 3. I did not see in the explanation the function of the "R" key that serves to give shape and meaning to the rails and the power connector, by the way the corner rails are not found, or perhaps I did not know how to combine them. Of the rest I am super excited about this great game and that which is not mine, I love the shelter-type survival games, I congratulate you, keep it up.

Additionally, I don't know if it is a lot of work, but it would be good if you enter each recipe section, you can also go back to the previous one, but I think it is too much work, anyway with the change recipe it is also not a horror, rather good work of simplification.

Minimum text errors:

"place the excavators on the ore deposit One on <iorn (iron)>" ... in the same text below "any machine or <sturctre (structure)>", just a small spell check to the rest of the text and that's it. And finally, by giving the following text, it decreases in very considerable font size, almost unable to read, but the next one is restored.

I love that you have lowered the time of use of the Jet Pack, just for emotion, at higher levels of difficulty I would like to see the manufacture of cylinders of the Jet Pack to be able to have a pantry of use and that it is running out to be able to manufacture and fill your tank, but for the beginning it's perfect like that.

Thanks again for letting me serve as a tester, it's a great game, congratulations!

Everything was great, except for the energy, I could pass the energy through the rails to the power station playing with input and output of the ports, but I could not pass energy through the rails with carriers, nor with the power connectors for automatic production in (Basic Smelter, Basic Component Maker or Basic Builder) or in the collection of resources using the excavators, however I managed to finish the phase if I approached anything with the character. 

I forgot to tell you that there are no instructions to change the different options of the power connector ("R" key) good work with the different options, but for the rails there are only 2 vertical and horizontal options ("R" key, also without instructions for use). Additional and it is only my humble opinion, to make the game more manageable, change the use of the Jet Pack from "Space" to "W", as it greatly facilitates mobility, or even add a control configuration editor. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, I know it will be a great game, thank you very much for the opportunity.