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This is a great read, ELH! The system is incredibly interesting, rules light but have a decent amount of customizations. Thank you for making this available to us, ELH. 

Best of luck on all your projects, ELH. 

What a lovely game. I tried playing it with my friend as a duet game. It truly feels like the comic Marvels too. Thank you so much for making this, ehronlime. I love this game.

The layouts and arts are super cool! I love it! 

Congratulations on the release, makapatag team.

I have been using this Engine to run and play all sorts of TTRPG, either in solo or duet games.  It is really helpful in making the game stay immersive and unexpected. 

Thank you so much for making this available to all of us Inflatable Studios team.

Best regards.

This is an amazing one page TTRPG! So edgy and so cool , it's very flavorful and the rules are really easy to understand. Thank you so much for sharing with us Goat Star!

I highly recommend this game guys.🤘

The book explains PbtA basics really well. I will definitely try to run it in the near future!
Best of luck on all your future projects and activities, Karrius. Best regards.

I will surely check Homebrew World too Yochai. Thank you for the advice!

Apparently Mr. Jeremy Strandberg kindly provides Homebrew World for free too.

Good luck on all your projects too, Yochai. Best regards.

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Karrius i just wanna say that i love Beneath  A Cursed Moon so much. Its rules and guidances are written clearly and really easy to understand. It has great playbooks and the book is really easy to understand. It's already an incredible joy to read. 

Thank you so much for making and sharing this with all of us.

FATE Condensed is a really great tabletop rpg! The rules explanation are clear and easy to understand, even for me, a new FATE player. It really can handle many different genres.

I highly recommend FATE Condensed guys, and if afterwards you want to add some more optional subsystems, you can check its big brother FATE Core, which is full of examples and useful tips too.

Thank you so much for making and sharing this with all of us, Evil Hat Productions team.

Best regards.

"I'm sorry did you say street magic" is an amazing collaborative city building TTRPG, i have tried it with some of my friends, and the city that we built are so incredibly evocative and lively.

I cannot thank you enough for making this game, Caro. I love this game so much.

This is a great fantasy PbtA, the rules are generally light yet every PCs can still have distinct uniqueness among each other. It's easy to understand and GM as well.

Thank you so much for making this game available to all of us, Yochai.

If you guys are looking for easy to run, fantasy PbtA suitable for short campaigns, One Shot World should be your go to.

I highly recommend this game.

The 1400 Elemental Essence has great advices on how to add element controlling powers for your 24XX games PCs. Incredibly insightful and modular!

Thank you so much for making and sharing this with all of us, Marc. 

A must have and read if you love 24XX games and want to add elemental control powers in your games guys.

Thank you so much for making this available to all of us, Mr. Griffen. This is a great and light system for running anime style ttrpg. I love it.

A really really great Cyberpunk setting and a very insightful read. I'll definitely use Arcon City when i run a cyberpunk ttrpg again. (My group just finish our first story arc.)

We will definitely visit Arcon City on our next venture. Thank you so much for making this great Cyberpunk supplements, Kienna, Jason and team. Have fun and good luck on all your projects.

I highly recommend this Cyberpunk city setting sourcebook guys.

The arts are gorgeous!

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I love this game very very much, thank you so much for making this amazing game, Possum Creek Games team.

The i love the most about this game is how it encourages you to describe objects and places not in the literal way but also through the feelings we have about the objects and places.

I highly recommend this game, guys. 👍

The Ironsworn: Delve is not only a great expansion for Ironsworn but also full of inspirational world building oracles that are also useful for other TTRPGs.

I highly recommend this expansion.

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This is clearly a labor love by Mark. The writings and languages are clear, being a fully stand alone Forged In The Dark  that can often be a hefty tome. Runners in the Shadows is really easy to understand. The playbooks and crewbooks are also easy to understand and suits the setting really well. The explanations on both augmentations and magic are also really well explained.

Great work Mark, thank you so much for making this awesome game. I am eagerly waiting the game's awesome final form haha.  Best regards Mark.