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Cool potraits, bograt. Thank you so much for making this!

Forged In The Dark Cyberpunk done right. Really cool game with some neat ideas, Petri!

Clearly a labor of love. Come Rain Come Shine adn it expansion Dinosauria are beautifully well done. Thank you so much for making this game, Penflower Ink team.

This looks real cool. The system is really interesting!

Thank you so much for sharing, Bograt!

This is a really great summarization of HEART THE CITY BENEATH! Well done Sage.

The non linear character advancements sounds great. I am looking forward to it.

Thank you so much for this, Alex! This is really really helpful.

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Unbelievable. Deep Light Games just went and did it.

They make a concise, approachable straight to the point explanation of Cypher System. Truly an upgrade in every way.

My biggest respect to those mad lads and lassies in Deep Light Games.

I highly recommend D-Cypher if you want to try Cypher System, folks!

This is beautiful, Erin. I will definitely try it!

This looks incredible! Best of luck on the development, watt! I will support the crowdfund too.

Looks awesome!

Congrats on the 1.5 release, Gila RPG team! It looks badass. I will definitely give it a try!

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Thank you so much for making this available to us, Johan!

I highly recommend this adorable worldbuilding game you guys. I have been using Cozy Town as a worldbuilding tool for my Wanderhome and Quest RPG.

I don't have to feel so bad having a subpar drawing skill when building in Cozy Town than most The Quiet Year hacks. Haha.

Awesome game, Rae!

This looks great! I will try to convince my friends to playtest it.

Best of luck on the development, Brendan!

Super Rad

Paranormal Inc. is actually my favorite Carved From Brindlewood game and the one that makes me totally get the investigation mechanic.

Checks this one out you guys. It's a real great game.

What a nice little game! Yet surprisingly in depth.

The map positioning mechanic is a touch of genius.

This is an incredible PBtA game!

Really get the feelings and atmosphere of sport anime right through the playbooks, rules and the moves!

I love this game.

This is an incredible Forged In The Dark and Disaster/PEACE hack game!

Really simple to learn if this is your first foray to Forged In The Dark games and i gotta hand it to A Couple of Drakes team too to make a book with beautiful and cool layout and concise rules explanation!

Real cool stuff guys, i highly recommend this game.

I'm sorry this is not a review yet, Leonardo,

But would you tell us how the mechanics works in K-Star Squad?

I love the arts and layout, by the way.

This is really comprehensive, Zafir Games. I love the layout too.

 Thank you so much for making this available to all of us, Zafir Games team. I will definitely give Zafir a try!

I will definitely try to convince my friends to play APOCALYPSE FRAME next, Binary Star Games team!

I love the slick and simple layout by the way.

I love the arts and simple layout!

I'm thinking of using Zenith Beach with Animon Story RPG or Under The Neighborhood.

This is awesome. I will definitely use on my horror games. Thank you so much for making this available to us, Ian.

I love the first XP Trigger,

"Addressed a challenge in line with your role."

It gives the players and characters more flexibility on how to solve the challenges.

Lovely layout, Signum Vox team! Thank you so much for this.

Thank you making this available to all of us, Jez. This is really really helpful!

NEKROPOL community · Created a new topic Awesome setting!
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What a badass system neutral mini setting, bugbearslug team! 

Thank you for making this available to all of us. I am really eager to go Nekropol City using Forbidden Lands now.. or perhaps Electric Bastionland.. hmmm decision decision.

Best of luck on all your projects, bugbearslug team!

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Thank you so much for the response, Gila RPGs team. I understand.

I have tried NOVA and my friends and i are loving it.

I am really excited to try SLAYERS too! The mechanics are light and simple but give quite a depth to character customizations.

I highly recommend SLAYERS too to you guys.

True sir.  I completely agree, Mr. Tocci.

The thing is if the PCs with maxed out CHA Defense are indeed becoming NPCs bosses because of the corruption,

that explains the bosses adamant but twisted world view and morale too! Not only their big stature but their twisted arrogancy translates really well as having maxed out CHA defense.

Grave is real real great, Mr. Tocci.

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Gila RPG team, i read it when checking the Kickstarter of Slayers Almanac,

Will Slayers 1.5 have entirely new arts inside the book when it is released?

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I am also particularly fond of how elegant "Immortality" is achieved in Grave, on paper and theoretically, you can always hunt for Souls to level up quickly and raise Your PCs CHA defense so it won't be exceeded by their number of deaths..

But it will still risks you of becoming the boss monsters quickly.

Very sharp, Mr. Tocci.

This looks so adorable. Cats simulator haha. Thank you so much for making this available to all of us  Whimsy Machine team!

Will do Sam, thank you.

Best of luck on all of your projects, Sam and team!

Will do, Gabriel. I'm really liking what i read already.

Best of luck on all of your projects, Gabriel and team. 

I will definitely use Sol -Relics Unearthed as one of the settings for my Stars Without Number game.

Cool stuff, Gabriel and team!

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Big congratulations on the release, Felix and team. The arts are beautiful and the world is intruiging. I really enjoy reading my copy.

The worldbuilding is stellar, Felix and team. I love it so much. I will play it with my friends as soon as i can!

Thank you so much for your hard work, Felix and team!

Thank you so much for this, Ander. This will be incredibly helpful for my upcoming FL campaign.