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Lovely art, Couple of Drakes team!

Quite a peculiar thing. Great idea of a game, Merrilee!

Will you update this to follow Knave 2e, Into The Wild team?

Oh that's great! I'm really looking forward to it, NotWriting team!

A labor of love. Amazing work, Mircale M!

You combine the mechanics of Ironsworn and VtM really well.

I'm really excited for the final v1.0 version. Thank you very much for your hard work, Kavita! Good luck!


Best of luck on all of your projects, Jason! I am really looking forward to Wastoid Final Version!

This game is awesome, Jason! Best ttrpg system for Fallout!

Badass variant rules for Apocalypse Frame!

Lovely game, Scribbles and Dice team! I'm really looking forward to the final version!

I'm excited to see the final version. The current state is already really cool, Nik!

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This is a pretty cool light Zombie Apocalypse game, Derek!

What a lovely game, Outrider Creative team.

This is lovely. Thank you so much for the token assets, Kaffezombie team.

Lovely art, Agarwood team.

Binary Star Games, i hope you can do a bit of clarification on the rulebook about Backup Armaments.

I think it will be more clearer if you guys mention that each Frame do have at least two Backup Armaments that they can switch into and cannot switch back until mission end, in the sub chapter of Armaments.

Then reminds the players again about this rule during the Attack explanations.

Thank you very much, Binary Star Games! Cool game you got here, folks!

Lovely game, swashtalk.

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Thank you so much for the resources, Chaosium team!

Cool game, World Champ Game!

Cool game, BooCherry team!

I will support the full rulebook and modules for sure! Congrats on the successful kickstarter and fulfilments.

Thank you so much for this Felix.

A thing of beauty, amazing game watt team!

Octave community · Created a new topic Amazing game.

This is a really well put Knave hack. I love how simple and easy to understand the game is.

It has a considerable amount and helpful GM support too.

Looking forward to the further refinement, level2janitor team!

Cool game, Will! Pretty inspired amalgam of rulesets there!

Lovely game, CobblePath Games team.

Cool sourcebook, evilhat team!

Congrats for the 2nd edition!

This is a really great game! Cool premise, Switchback Worlds team!

This is really adorable. A labor of love.

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Is there a chance that you will bring back the Disciplines Passive Abilities in next revisions, makapatag team?

I think the Passive Abilities are really cool and add some depth and excitement to the combat. It's sad that it was forgone in the current version.

Cool game by the way. Clearly a labor of love.

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Some interior arts would be awesome, Mark. I'm looking forward to it too.

This is incredible, Moro.

Badass game, UFO Press!

That's great to hear! I'm looking forward to it! Good luck on all your projects, Armiger Games!

This is a really cool game, Hisham!

This is a great game, Armiger Games. Great usage of the PARAGON system. 

I do wish it is a standalone read without the need of AGON rulebook.

Adorable and pretty fun game!

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Big congrats for the ENNIE nominee, Felix and team! Well deserved one for Wildsea! I will vote for Wildsea, Fabula Ultima, Rivers of London and Blade Runner RPG!