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Thanks for taking the time to play the game. I couldn't make any music because I am terrible with music honestly. Also, due to my bad time management skills the game has almost zero polish. I will probably keep working on it as a side project and add some polish (and music maybe).

Thanks for your kind words. I do agree with the poor implementation thing though. I didn't have much time to polish the game since most of my time went into figuring out how the shaders and stuff and I had zero experience with that. And the hidden platforms have the actual ending or the "good" ending.

This game is awesome. Good job to the devs. It looks very polished and plays really well. 

Thank you for the feedback. I do agree on the speed of turning and the movement through the planes being too slow. I will definitely try to make it better.

Thank you very much for the feedback. I'm glad you like it.

I like it very much. The art style and music is awesome specially for a game made in one week. Very nicely done!

Check out my game

This is a very fun game. Good job!

Well actually I asked some people about adding extra builds for other platforms and I don't think it's allowed since the deadline is over. 

thanks for the review

sure I'll try to make a Mac build and let you know if I succeed.

This is awesome. I really like the look and feel of this game. Great job!

It's actually pretty cool. The music is awesome. The resolution is a bit of a bummer though like others have said.

I'm glad that you like it.