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Awesome little game, I didn't really read any comments before playing so when I launched it, I stared for a minute thinking it was real? Haha, those 5 Minutes had me drawn in, I couldn't figure out what was happening but then I was like Oh S**T.. Love the atmophere and visuals, very impressive. Here's the full playthrough with no commentary. 

Have a great day, can't wait to see what else you plan to release!

Awesome game, loved all of it. Made me think of Ghosts & Goblins when I first saw it. Nice Art work and Nice music/sound effects. 

My only gripe would have to be that I really would of liked to see the boss use different attacks to leave the player an opening for more attacks. I felt like I was being rushed too quickly and didn't have time to recover, which is ok for some games but, with a platformer with limited controls I felt restricted. I do understand that it is in development.

Overall, this is a very well done Retro Arcade style Resident Evil 4 and I did very much enjoy it.  I did 15 Minutes of No commentary on my channel, have a great day!

IMMURE community · Created a new topic Amazing Game

One of the best indie games I've played. Felt invested into the story and the mysterious places the protagonist was going through. Amazing hand drawn art, loved it. I'd recommend giving this a try, would love to see more.

Amazing horror game, indeed a Next-Gen indie Horror game. Nice and creepy atmophere, nice play of the mind. Here's 15 Minutes of Gameplay with No Commentary. I'd give this a well deserved 5 Stars.