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Trepidation is the Horror RPG I am working on for the "My First Game Jam: 2019" I'm building up a game my friend and I have been wanting to make for a while. Our goal is to build a 30 minute demo that will be an intro to a much larger series! I'm using RPG Maker MV and uploading my own assets 


Eight friends are searching around a forest for fun (yknow, like friends do) when they suddenly come across a perfect square of land with a little shack in the middle. Out of curiosity (and lots of arguing) they decide to check it out. Once they all enter they realize that the outside was a dingy little shed, but the inside is this glorious, slightly rundown, mansion. They talk it out and start exploring when suddenly the mansion starts shaking and doors are flying open, holes are opening in the floors and walls, and all of our protagonists are stolen away by the mansion one by one. They will have to keep their minds focused and be persistent in order to face this labyrinth. They will meet things they can't always get along with, and maybe even their own fears.


-To build my own assets for the game

-Have a stable leveling system that isn't to easy to rise but also isn't to grindy at any point

-Have the playtime average from 20-40 minutes

-Create at least 5 different unique monsters

Stretch Goals:

-Hide Easter Eggs

-Add a few more monsters.

thank you so much!

this was super cool, i love the avatar design!

*spoiler alert* this probably won't be the last you see of these astronauts.

Thank you so much! I'll take a look!

Thank you very much! It's all very experimental so there are indeed some things I should fix. Thank you so much for your input!

This game is so much fun I just started playing it and it's the perfect mix of time consuming while also being mentally stimulating so I actually feel satisfied completing the levels!