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Ah okay, my Chrome is up to date but I have to have hardware acceleration off because it breaks some things I use for streaming.  No worries, then!  Firefox works great.

Amazing piece and I love the music, but in my Chrome browser the layering seems to be broken for me.  I just get what I imagine is the background image as the foreground color, and I can't really see things until they get higher up than the horizon.  There's none of the layering like I see when I run the project in Firefox.

Ayyyyyyy!  Sorry for your frustration but good to see you working on this again!

Siiiiiiiick, can't wait.


I think it's worth the price but you can always replay this version for free while you wait for a sale on Steam, that's what I use my wishlist for.  :)

Insta-buy from me!

Looks fun!  Can't wait to try it out.

This is so cool

Hell yeah!  This is why I follow you!

Looks like fun!

I'm interested...

I can't wait to try this out

Oooo, this looks good.

Library is only on the Steam version, this is just a demo.

Can't wait to try this out, definitely following with anticipation!

No, this is a Windows game, Chromebook would be Android.

This is amazing.  Finally a game where I can take out enemies with my butt.

Oooo, excited to try it out!

100%, makes sense to me, thanks for the answer!

Didn't see this answered anywhere so I thought I would ask, are there content restrictions on this jam?  I haven't even started planning anything, just wanted it answered before I do. 

idk if it's just me, but the browser version is not working, it just sits on what looks like a loading screen

Eyyy True Ending on my first try!  Fun little game, you got my follow!

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This was a really neat little story, and I really liked the music.  I left it running for a good 10 minutes after finishing the game just to listen to it and chill.

Not safe for Twitch???  Nah it's fine.  Now go put that dong-key in the vagina-lock.  LUL

Getting Over It With Swordett Sworddy

I used my mouse for that part

Didn't want a job, my 2 year old daughter got sick with something contagious and ate me.  10/10

Nice job, it works!

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This type of content isn't my thing, but I wanted to congratulate you on that cloth and hair simulation, it looks amazing.

How many pages is it?  Also there is a typo in the example image.


that's definitely odd, I am also using an original Vive and I have had no issues with it.

Neat!  Played through the first level/area, seems like everything works pretty well.


Looks fun!

Fun stuff, good job!


Is the download button missing or am I just not seeing it?  Either way, looks like a fun idea and I will gladly support when I can!