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Can't wait to try this out, definitely following with anticipation!

No, this is a Windows game, Chromebook would be Android.

This is amazing.  Finally a game where I can take out enemies with my butt.

Oooo, excited to try it out!

100%, makes sense to me, thanks for the answer!

Didn't see this answered anywhere so I thought I would ask, are there content restrictions on this jam?  I haven't even started planning anything, just wanted it answered before I do. 

idk if it's just me, but the browser version is not working, it just sits on what looks like a loading screen

Eyyy True Ending on my first try!  Fun little game, you got my follow!

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This was a really neat little story, and I really liked the music.  I left it running for a good 10 minutes after finishing the game just to listen to it and chill.

Not safe for Twitch???  Nah it's fine.  Now go put that dong-key in the vagina-lock.  LUL

Getting Over It With Swordett Sworddy

I used my mouse for that part

Didn't want a job, my 2 year old daughter got sick with something contagious and ate me.  10/10

Nice job, it works!

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This type of content isn't my thing, but I wanted to congratulate you on that cloth and hair simulation, it looks amazing.

How many pages is it?  Also there is a typo in the example image.


that's definitely odd, I am also using an original Vive and I have had no issues with it.

Neat!  Played through the first level/area, seems like everything works pretty well.


Looks fun!

Fun stuff, good job!


Is the download button missing or am I just not seeing it?  Either way, looks like a fun idea and I will gladly support when I can!

This looks fun as heck boiiiiiiii

you da real MVP

I bet that's less work, lol

If I had to guess I would say it's cycling through a series of texture files that are all slightly different.

I bought it both on Steam and here to give you maximum support.  Thanks for making the tough decision to fix what you've got instead of leaving the player base behind and making a second one!

Out of curiosity, why do you need to pause the music when you pause the game?

I was wondering this as well, thanks for the answer!

Wow, looks cool!

10/10 game

Any chance of getting a desktop version where the aliens are playing over the internet?  I love the concept of this but don't have enough local friends.


I'm excited to see this become available, even as just a technical demo.

Works as described with Vive controllers.  I had a ton of fun swinging around the city shouting "thwip" to myself as I sent out a new webline.  I'd like to see an stronger reel-in on the lines, maybe when pulling your arms in?  Oh, and more sounds,  if you want I can make them for you.  Anyways, it worked great, I love your stuff, keep it up!

This is amazing

Will Tubby Super Cat be on as well or somewhere else?  I really want to watch it all come together!