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Wave 50 is it for me, oof

Depending on how bad you want to play it, you can use the Google Lens app on your phone to live translate any text.

just love

If it's by scumhead... it's gonna be good!

You're amazing.

Ah okay, my Chrome is up to date but I have to have hardware acceleration off because it breaks some things I use for streaming.  No worries, then!  Firefox works great.

Amazing piece and I love the music, but in my Chrome browser the layering seems to be broken for me.  I just get what I imagine is the background image as the foreground color, and I can't really see things until they get higher up than the horizon.  There's none of the layering like I see when I run the project in Firefox.

Ayyyyyyy!  Sorry for your frustration but good to see you working on this again!

Siiiiiiiick, can't wait.


I think it's worth the price but you can always replay this version for free while you wait for a sale on Steam, that's what I use my wishlist for.  :)

Insta-buy from me!

Looks fun!  Can't wait to try it out.

This is so cool

Hell yeah!  This is why I follow you!

Looks like fun!

I'm interested...

I can't wait to try this out

Oooo, this looks good.

Library is only on the Steam version, this is just a demo.

No, this is a Windows game, Chromebook would be Android.

This is amazing.  Finally a game where I can take out enemies with my butt.

Oooo, excited to try it out!

100%, makes sense to me, thanks for the answer!

Didn't see this answered anywhere so I thought I would ask, are there content restrictions on this jam?  I haven't even started planning anything, just wanted it answered before I do. 

idk if it's just me, but the browser version is not working, it just sits on what looks like a loading screen

Eyyy True Ending on my first try!  Fun little game, you got my follow!

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This was a really neat little story, and I really liked the music.  I left it running for a good 10 minutes after finishing the game just to listen to it and chill.

Not safe for Twitch???  Nah it's fine.  Now go put that dong-key in the vagina-lock.  LUL

Getting Over It With Swordett Sworddy

I used my mouse for that part

Didn't want a job, my 2 year old daughter got sick with something contagious and ate me.  10/10

Nice job, it works!

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This type of content isn't my thing, but I wanted to congratulate you on that cloth and hair simulation, it looks amazing.

How many pages is it?  Also there is a typo in the example image.


that's definitely odd, I am also using an original Vive and I have had no issues with it.