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I bought it both on Steam and here to give you maximum support.  Thanks for making the tough decision to fix what you've got instead of leaving the player base behind and making a second one!

Out of curiosity, why do you need to pause the music when you pause the game?

I was wondering this as well, thanks for the answer!

Wow, looks cool!

10/10 game

Any chance of getting a desktop version where the aliens are playing over the internet?  I love the concept of this but don't have enough local friends.


I'm excited to see this become available, even as just a technical demo.

Works as described with Vive controllers.  I had a ton of fun swinging around the city shouting "thwip" to myself as I sent out a new webline.  I'd like to see an stronger reel-in on the lines, maybe when pulling your arms in?  Oh, and more sounds,  if you want I can make them for you.  Anyways, it worked great, I love your stuff, keep it up!

This is amazing

Will Tubby Super Cat be on as well or somewhere else?  I really want to watch it all come together!

Thanks for the well thought out reply.  I guess I didn't consider how that would make you look, I totally respect and admire you for making that choice.  Tubby Super Cat sounds like it will absolutely be my jam, I look forward to playing and reviewing it!

Man, this looks SO GD GOOD!  How much would you have to change in order to make a full game and charge for it?  Because I (and I'm sure many others) would  pay through the nose for a full game of this.

Looking great!


How *not* to kiss your significant other.

Played last night and loved it!  Gimmie a donate button or make it Early access on Steam, I want to give you money!