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hah thanx :)

Thanks, glad you liked it!

hmm... looks like you ran into a little bug on the roof top. The water tank should have filled up with rain but didn't. Try that again, but this time without going to sleep while it's filling up.



thanx! Yeah, it was always a bit tricky to walk that line of explanatory/obvious – cryptic/weird. For me, it does have its own logic that I didn't want to present that too much and just let it seep into the player's mind. But that didn't always work, I guess... ;)

haha congrats! ^^

Thanx. Im sure you'll get there ^^

You mean in the vault? That'd be part of a puzzle. And yes, there is an end to the game; good luck :)

Thank you!

Thanx :)

haha thanx ^^ hope you make it through!

Thanx, it's nice seeing people play it and see how/if it works for them.
No immediate plans for an update at the moment, unless someone finds a huge bug that really corrupts the gameplay. You did find a small bug where you woke up from the bedroom dream and woke up in bed, even though you went to sleep on the floor. Thought I had fixed that. Looking into that one actually.

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Thanx :) And yes, the noodles are worth it!

Hah thanx! Actually, one of my studio mates works with VR and we've been trying to set something up using Noodles' assets. But since we both have other projects going on, the progress is a bit slow. Perhaps in the future :)

Good question, I don't believe so, I just used the standard Unity build settings.
But feel free to try it out and let me know if it works!


Thanx, glad to hear the surrealism caught on :)

hey, you can reach me on