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This looks fun!

Does this work with steamvr? I cant seem to get it working.

Wow this game was way better than I thought it was going to be! Way surpassed my expectations that I got from the photos for the game, Well done!

I understand completely, please do keep me updated!

Correction, the camera messes up when you run into the exit, not just at random dead ends. 

Can't wait to see this game get more developed! Love that the maze is randomly generated as well.

Crashes on startup :/

this game looks fun but unfortunately I can't play since its oculus only

This game is actually really fun! Scares the hell out of my little brother lol


Sometimes the monsters camera gets stuck facing the wrong way (if you try to turn when you go into a dead end this happens)

After restarting a match the pc player cant move and requires a game restart

This game is actually pretty cool, personally think the monsters should move a bit faster and do more damage, but still very well done!