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Thanks for sharing- looking forwards to putting something together with this!

this is super helpful. Thank you for your thorough guide!

I thought this was great. Played it twice in a row- great experience both ways. (Lost twice!)

Both of my sessions took about 30-45 minutes of writing and thinking, including setting up and cleaning the cards/markers afterwards. Lots of the prompts left me tantalized, and a lot reminded me of some of my favorite scenes in fiction. 

Thanks for the experience(s).

Oh man, I have been slacking. My game needs like six sections, maybe ten paragraphs and yet...

Between the holidays and parenthood I have to force myself to make time! But I want to finish!!

One of the greatest games of all time. Proof that open source can deliver!

Absolutely love the design, the layout, the art- really, I love most things about it. Smooth in play and delightful in concept. Highly recommend!