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Is there any possibility of a female apprentice at some later date?  So far I've seen little enough of the apprentice that it's not a big deal, but I would prefer a female character option.

Working great now!


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In the current version (2018 Jun 16) if you hide out during the statue event with a misbehave action pending, the next button does not appear after the scene that ends with "talking of girly things." saving and reloading doesn't help, nor does exporting and loading from the file.

Well then I'll be waiting for more updates.  I love the concept of the game and the art is nice, I just didn't realize how early in the project I caught you.  It looks like your Patreon blew up, or maybe the link is just broken?

I think I missed a significant event, but I can't find it by restarting either.  I recruited Sylvia and Luciana, completed the store job a few dozen times, but most of the school is un-populated.  The screen west (left) of the center has no NPCs and no random encounters.  All of the doors and entrances either do nothing or push me back (respawn me back onto the screen 2 steps from the door)

Is there any plan or possibility of a female protagonist?