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as promised. 

This game was absolutely brilliant! a lot more in depth than I initailly thought. Hope you guys enjoy. I kept it action packed!
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This game squeezed a bunch of awkward noises I'm not comfortable with, but here is video evidence. 

This game was a blast! Hopefully you guys enjoy

Part 2 of hilarious Gameplay. Enjoy!

This is my "comprehensive" review of Doki Doki Literature club

This game was hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing.
Created a new topic Funny gameplay

I solved the myatery!

I think I found a bug..

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love this game

well,  this game lives to is potential.  I lost my shit,  but it was addicting.  I played for an hour and barely got anywhere.  Good job!  I broke my keyboard...


Great game!  Gets the blood pumping though... enjoy!

Created a new topic Funny Doki Doki Gameplay

This GAME has been intriguing. Here's my gameplay and excellent voice acting! Enjoy!

This Game is great and I'm on a mission... it doesn't go well.

thanks dezue

A little late to the party, but this game was Good. I like the mystery and the humor

Created a new topic Devotion Gameplay. GREAT GAME!

This game was great! I loved it

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this is my review of the game.

my review of this game

My review of this game

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Hey Guys! I did a review of this game, but here is the gameplay footage I made for the review in itself. Its condensed for easy digestion and full of good BITS.

We will do it for you! It was glorious and this game needs to be known.

The bridge was the most terrifying experience i have ever had...

This is possibly the best  game I have ever played... This was my experience. Enjoy!

Not invited to dinner parties!

Great game! here's my gameplay on it!

Indivisible is the 3rd game we review. Please Enjoy!

Our review of Etaria. Etaria is the second game we review

Created a new topic HARDCODE REVIEW - ZeNi Gaming

This is our version of doing a review for the game! Hardcode is first of the three

I runied the video under me!

This is great and all, but I can't even get passed the menu. What is the action button? Only the arrow keys work... :( I was trying to show off your game to my viewers

This Game seemed fun, but I got Bugged out. However, it created this wonderful video!