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Thank you! Steam version is newer, bigger and better, so if you liked this one, you can follow the game progress on Steam to be up to date with development. :) 

Not the Early Access one, at least not until the full release, cause this version is updated almost daily so having it on several stores would be a hassle to update at this point. :)

Thank you. We're not finished yet. Online coming soon, aditional arenas... :) 

Oh my god, so many people covered this version on YouTube! Cryptic Hybrid, CoalFire, ScottishGeekPlays, StepVibes, jordanthompson, thank you, guys. It was enjoyable to watch. :D 

Now you can try Battle Bolts if you haven't already. :)

For the Early Access period, Serious Sam: Tormental will be available on Steam only because it's a Steam program. But if all goes well, there is no reason not to consider other stores and even consoles on full release. But we're going step by step. 

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It's not planned at this time, cause we're working on Early Access version and doing localization on unfinished game is not that common due to constant changes. But we will have more info as we will get closer to full release. There will be other languages in full version. :)

Thank you for trying out the game. As you already know, EA version will kick butt compared to this one so we're pretty sure you'll like it! :) 

Looking foward to Early Access! 

Thank you. If it wasn't playable, we wouldn't release it, even for free. It's playable and fun, but new version is bigger and better in every aspect. One of the most visible changes are procedurally generated areas in new version, unlike in this one. 

As I'm telling other people who tried this version. If you liked it, you'll probably appreciate what we've done in the last year and you'll probably love Early Access version. That being said, we will continue to listen to player's feedback throughout Early Access and try to make highly addictive, high paced rogulite game with replayability value. And we'll even have story in new version, written by The Talos Principle writer Jonas Kyratzes and his wife, Verena.


Not for now since we have to see how the Early Access goes, but if everything goes well, nothing is set in stone yet. :) 

Thank you for the link, we'll check it out. :)

It's not planned right now in Early Access on Steam, but anything can happen till full release. :) It all depends on how many people will support the team and the game on Steam and start playing. ;) 

Happy belated birthday. :) I hope you'll like it.

Which means we love you, now. :D 

Thank you. :) 

Not crazier than full release. :D But first things first. 

Thank you for covering the game, this was fast! Nice video! 
I hope you will revisit it once it's fully released on Steam. Even EA version is bigger and better than this one, but full version will be even better. :) 

Thanks man. :) Glad you enjoyed it! <3

This is just a preview, since much more refined and improved version is coming to Early Access on April 2. But this version is also fully playable. :)

If you like Tormental, you can wishlist it here:

Hey Greg, first of all thank you for showing interest in the game. This is alpha version so occassional hiccups can occur from time to time. Keep in mind that after you pick up serious weapon, you need to hold right mouse for some time. Please let me know if that works. :)