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Game now has a basic front end to let you select 2-4 players (if you have enough game pads)

If you want to request features. You can do it here but we'd prefer via social media @Radiationburn for Twitter or Facebook.

The fate of this game is in your hands.

That's a fair point. Most people do tend to play against their friends or locally. It'll be on Xbox One as well which helps with numbers, so if we put it on windows store and manage to make it cross platform playable that would also help. I wouldn't want to promise that as although we put the living dungeon on Xbox One, we never got around to putting it on the windows store.(put it on steam instead) extra game modes are always good of course.

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Solitaire is the starting point and in the full game that has a good number of options including Extra dead which makes it much harder, but if there is interest we'll be adding a mode that is kinda like Oregon trail. If that is something that would interest you let me know.

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Oh Dear! we made a boo boo and didn't notice it before letting you play. It happens, but unlike huge publishers we probably aren't aware of the bug we forced upon you. Please report it here so we can squish it and make the game better for everyone. Thanks.

Dead Exit community · Created a new topic Feature Requests

If you are looking for something to be added to the game, this is the place to ask. There are plenty of things that we can't realistically do, but if you don't ask there is even less chance of it happening so go ahead, unlike the dead, we don't bite.

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Ask about anything you like here. It may help if it's relevant to the game but perhaps not.