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Though the pun really does sound like it, tbh. I appreciate that you're being nice about it in this reply but it still doesnt change the impression that literally everyone gets just from playing your game. whether you intended it or not, people will get the notion that this is about DID and like what Luna Moon said, media demonizes people with our condition a lot. I don't like the idea of sounding bossy but I think it would do a lot of good if you made it less...the way it is. It may not be your intention to make fun of DID but for real it looks like it. maybe just a simple name change, I don't know. or you could just leave it how it is and maybe put a disclaimer at the beginning? You absolutely do not have to, I just figured I'd add in my two cents and request a little bit of change to reflect your reply here. I would (as well as others with my diagnosis) really appreciate it.