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Added you. I'm mako#1542

Hey sure. Do you have a discord/email or a way that I can reach you privately?

I've mentioned this while watching on stream before but this is amazing work. Love the Zelda influences. It's one of the most unique and creative games I've seen so far, and the way the page overlays the game with a screen effect is a nice touch.

As for criticisms, I wish the music was more befitting of the rest of the game with more charm and personality. Also the sound effects are a bit on the loud side, especially compared with the music itself.

Really enjoy this type of game and hope to see it continued/finished

Super creative, love how it's a simple concept at a glance but there's actually so much complexity packed within it.

Atmosphere and music on point too.

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Hey everyone, I'm a veteran musician looking to lend my skills to a team. I can compose in a range of styles from orchestral to jazz/digital fusion to classic 8/16-bit music.

Check out my stuff here:

Reply here or email me at zenkaudio{at} if interested.